Now is the best time to upgrade to Superfast and Ultrafast Broadband

superfast fibre, ultrafast fibre, fibre broadband, broadband, internet, internet dataFibre broadband is being rolled out throughout the UK, a project which should see more than 85% of homes throughout the UK having access to Gigabit data before the end of 2025.

With every day that passes more and more people are able to access fibre broadband at superfast and ultrafast speeds, and those who aren’t are seeing other options emerging. You can get mobile Wi-Fi from most mobile phone providers if you don’t use much data per day, or you may be able to opt for wireless broadband. While wireless isn’t as fast as Full Fibre, it is still many times faster than broadband delivered over copper telephone lines which is how many of us still get our internet.

Who Needs Faster Broadband?

You may be quite happy with the speeds you already receive. If you’re on a standard package on a copper connection you could be receiving 50 or 60 Mbps which is fine for streaming a movie or downloading a high quality album in a few minutes (or seconds if you don’t mind sacrificing a little sound quality for faster downloads and more tunes on your device). If you’re looking at newspapers or online magazines you might notice it takes an instant for pictures to load because all the ads are fighting for the same share of data. Read more

How To Find Out If You Can Get Full Fibre Broadband In Your Area

The government aims to get almost all (at least 95%) of homes in the country connected to an ultrafast full fibre broadband network within the next few years, and Briant Broadband’s partners, CityFibre are one of the infrastructure companies who’ve been give the task of doing that.

If you’re interested in getting your broadband from Worthing’s only genuinely local broadband internet service provider, you can check if your home is in an area where Full Fibre is available instantly by entering your postcode into our Full Fibre Broadband Checker.

If your home or business premises are covered you’ll have the opportunity to order right now, and we could have you connected incredibly quickly. (Our record is 30 minutes from receiving a query on Facebook to having the customer online!)

If you’re not currently in an area which has lightning fast full fibre connectivity at the moment, you’ll be given the option to choose our Superfast Wireless. Because of the logistics of rolling out a national infrastructure programme, some remote and rural areas won’t have fibre broadband on their streets for some time yet. What our wireless option does is give you the choice of taking up a service which delivers more than twice the speeds which are currently available using the copper cable phone network which is currently in place.

Because all of Briant Broadband’s packages are flexible, once Full Fibre does come to areas where Wireless is currently the only other option, you will be able to upgrade to faster plans without admin fees, no line rental, and without having to change contracts or broadband providers.

And if you are in an area which can be connected right now, you get that choice too! So if you find that the speed you originally opted for isn’t fast enough for your family of movie buffs and gamers, you can change up any time you like with a quick phone call to our Worthing based office on 01903 221999. You can also change down if you’re not using anything like the amount of data you anticipated, or pause your plan altogether if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more. That’s right! If you’re not using the data, you don’t have to pay for it, and we won’t even charge you an admin fee to pause it either!

We aim to get all of our customers connected within 48 hours of receiving their order, and we promise to give you a month’s FREE broadband if we can’t meet that commitment, we also give you each a month’s free internet when you introduce a friend to Briant Broadband. It’s a new way of doing things, but it’s our take on fast, friendly, expert local customer service.

Now Briant Broadband is officially a partner with CityFibre, what next?

broadband installation, CityFibre, broadband internet, internet, broadband, Worthing, Sussex, Briant Broadband is indeed a partner with CityFibre, one of the companies tasked with fulfilling the UK’s ambition of connecting every home possible with Full Fibre. The aim is to have 85% of homes connected by 2025, and 100% of us fully connected to the fast fibre network by 2030.

In order to achieve this aim CityFibre is laying fibre optic lines throughout the Worthing and Adur area. You may have seen them putting cables under your street or adding lines to overhead telegraph poles recently as you, or your neighbours were added to those who were in a position to receive anything up to 900 Mbps ultrafast broadband.

If you haven’t had CityFibre’s engineers in your neighbourhood yet and you’re reading this, don’t worry! It won’t be long until you’re connected as Worthing and Adur are among the spearhead of towns and cities which are being fully connected first.

As more and more homes are connected it’s possible for Briant Broadband to supply those properties with the broadband internet which makes those fibre optic lines so indispensable. As a local broadband internet service provider it’s our remit to supply our neighbourhood with fast, stable, secure internet quickly, and with a level of expert, friendly customer service you can only really expect from a small, local business. Read more

Our Most Frequently Asked Phone Questions At Briant Broadband

We have our Frequently Asked Questions of course, and our "Frequently Unasked Questions"  but what are the top 5 questions everybody always seems to ask when they are on the phone to Briant Broadband?

Well, after speaking to our MD who takes many of the phone enquiries himself, we came up with these evergreen asks which seem to be on everyone’s mind.

Frequently Asked Phone Questions

Can you guarantee speed?
Generally, yes! When it comes to Full Fibre we can guarantee that you will get the speeds we advertise all the time as there is a permanent physical connection between you and the local exchange. Full Fibre means that there is no copper cable element in the system, and it’s copper wire which can often be singled out for blame for slower speeds at busy times as it’s not possible for copper to convey the amount of data that fibre can handle easily.
We do everything we can to also ensure that our wireless customers get the speeds they’re promised too. We use a waveband which isn’t affected by rain, fog or even electrical storms and transmit 200 Mbps, meaning that our service would have to degrade by more than 50% for our 100 Mbps customers to stop getting the speeds we promise. That just leaves our 200 Mbps wireless customers who may experience a slight slowing of speeds if there is a problem with our transmitter. However, 200 Mbps is a lot more than homes have had available to them up to now via ADSL or Fibre to the Cabinet broadband internet services. So although we place the caveat “speeds up to” on our product information, we don’t envisage our customers getting anything less than what they pay for, except in infrequent circumstances beyond our control.
What’s the latency like with Briant Broadband?
For most of us latency isn’t really an issue. Latency is the gap between you sending data and its arriving at its destination and vice versa. It doesn’t particularly matter to people browsing the internet shopping or looking at social media.

Streaming movies or listening to podcasts without downloading them first isn’t really affected as your computer will usually download five or ten minutes of video or audio in advance so any latency is covered up. Latency is an issue for you if you’re a regular online game player. Latency when you’re playing FPS games will make you a sitting target and ruin your accuracy. Experience it on flight sims or driving games and you could collide with things you weren’t meant to or miss other objects. With Full Fibre broadband latency isn't an issue at all unless there are a lot of people in your household all using the internet at the same time. However, if you do start to experience latency issues it may be worth talking to Briant Broadband about upgrading your package to one better suited to your useage

What are the costs, and what are the terms of the contract?
Our prices are clear and transparent:
100 Mbps Superfast Wireless for £22
150 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre for £28
300 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre for £32
500 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre for £36
900 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre for £40
If you decide to take up a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone there’s an additional fee of £9.99 per month, however VoIP is an option which Briant Broadband customers are in no way bound to take up.
We don’t have contracts. That means no credit checks, and no lengthy forms to fill in. Being contractless has other advantages too. For instance, because you’re not tied into a contract you can change your package to suit you. So if your high usage child moves out or goes to university you can drop your plan to better suit your needs, or if you discover the joys of streaming HD movies, gaming online or indeed your high-use offspring move back in you’re free to upgrade your plan without pesky delays of admin fees. Just call us up and we’ll switch you over. Not being tied to a contract allows us to do what precious few other utility providers do, and that’s pause your plan if you’re away from home for 30 days or more. We know not all of our users are permanent local residents, or you may have other reasons for needing to turn off your service for a month or so. That’s no problem. Just give us a call or drop us an email with the date you want your plan paused and we’ll take care of it, again, without charging you an admin fee.
Is the service you provide affected by the weather?
Absolutely not. Briant Broadband Full Fibre is a permanent connection to the exchange via a fibre optic cable which not only delivers up to 900 Mbps, it is also sheathed and armoured so that it is very hard to break. Where the cables aren’t laid underground they are hung from a telegraph pole, just like your old phone lines were. While these cables might get pulled about in harsh weather they have been tested to destruction and have proven themselves to be a match for even the worst weather.
On the other hand, if you are going with our wireless option then rest assured that the wavelength that we use to send broadband to our customers is also unaffected by poor weather, including lighting storms, high winds, rain and fog.
Can I use my router to watch TV?
Of course. Most smart TVs can be linked wirelessly to your router or receiver through the remote control, if not you may need to get a Firestick or Chromecast which you plug into the back of the TV, or, if your TV is located near to your router, you can plug it in directly with an ethernet cable. That’s really all there is to it.

Briant Broadband Launch Their CityFibre Connection

Briant Broadband held a launch event on Tuesday 10th of May to celebrate their partnership with Cityfibre, one of the main Fast Fibre infrastructure companies tasked with rolling out full fibre connectivity throughout the UK.

If you were there and you signed up on the day you will be getting your £25.00 Worthing gift vouchers when we install your router. These vouchers are accepted in many independent retailers, cafes, and traders and they help to boost the local economy. If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on any of these vouchers, we’re sorry! But we do still have many other features and benefits which make joining Briant Broadband your best option.

Along with having among the most competitive prices for Full Fibre and wireless broadband internet we offer a friendly, expert local customer service which means we get things done quickly. In fact, if we don’t get you connected to the internet within 48 hours, we’ll give you a month’s service free. Read more

What do our customers get from being with Briant Broadband?

If you thought that all broadband suppliers were the same, and the only difference was the prices charged for different speeds, you couldn’t be more wrong! While price is a big factor, when you look at what you’re getting in terms of speed, most internet service providers are very similar. But what about the small print? Those fine details can make a big difference!

Many of the smaller companies currently competing in the market offer speeds and prices which are competitive, but they have catches. Some are selling you broadband which they can’t even deliver for a further three months. Others offer prices similar to those you can get with Briant Broadband, but that’s if you sign up to a contract which will be at least a year long, maybe two. And they have clauses that they can put their prices up while you’re with them. And if you want to keep the same price you may have to negotiate yourself down to a slower connection to keep the same price, or tie yourself into another long contract which, of course, will be subject to potential price increases further down the line.

Line rental is another cost which is often hidden in the small print as well. A phone line is at least £15.00 per month and it is necessary for broadband providers who are using ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ solutions. Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) uses fibre rather than copper telephone wires for more than 99% of your data’s journey from the server, via a local exchange, to your computer. It’s only when it gets to the cabinet at the end of your street that the medium changes from glass to metal. The problem is that copper phone cables aren’t designed to take superfast or ultrafast broadband. Consequently your data hits a massive obstacle when it reaches the cabinet, slowing it down from a potential 900 Mbps to around 80 Mbps (Briant Broadband’s slowest speeds are 100 Mbps, with no line rental or hidden extras). Read more

Slow and Unstable: The Most Common Broadband Complaints

local broadband, fast broadband, Worthing broadbandNow that we’re using broadband to power all of our media consumption, from TV to social media, podcasts, even downloading books we can read when we’re not doing ‘screen time’ it’s more important than ever that we have high speed, reliable connectivity. It’s also why it’s so infuriating when we don’t get what we need.

And now that many of us live with robot helpers who carry out mundane functions around the house, such as Smart Home Security cameras and sensors, Smart Speakers, and Smart environmental controls the need for reliable data has never been greater. Smart devices may not use much, but to work properly data needs to be constantly available.

As many as half of all broadband customers have experienced at least some disruption to their broadband service over the last year, according to a survey conducted by Which?, the champion of consumer rights magazine.

Their survey took in 4,000 consumers and found that much lower than expected speeds, dropping out, complete internet outages and problems with routers were among the most perennial problems people were likely to have.

How fast is the internet where you are? Use Cityfibre’s broadband speed test to find out now.

Read more

Briant Broadband is different from other Internet Providers

internet, broadband, data, computer,It’s easy to think all broadband internet providers are all the same. In fact there are many things which separate us all from one another, not least our ethos and the way we treat you as a customer.

You’ve no doubt had a contract with one of the big high street names such as Virgin, BT, Sky or TalkTalk before, and if you have you’ll know how lumbering big companies can be when it comes to problem solving and customer service. You call and have to navigate labyrinthine options before you get to talk to a human, if you ever do. The call centres are located miles away and so busy you feel you’re just a number to the operator. Then your problem is treated flippantly, and if an engineer is needed you’re booked in, but the exact time the technician will turn up remains a mystery, meaning a day indoors waiting.

Briant Broadband isn’t like that.

Here at Briant Broadband we believe in offering friendly, expert customer service from a team of staff who are local to Worthing. What does that mean? Well, we promise to get you connected to the internet within 48 hours of your agreeing to use our service, or we’ll give you a month’s broadband for free. We also offer an ‘Introduce a Friend’ scheme where you can get a month’s free data each when you introduce another user to our service. Read more

What Do You Get From Briant Broadband You Don’t Anywhere Else?

broadband supplier, ISP, worthing ISP, worthing broadband, worthing, internet, data, full fibre, fttp, fast fibreYou’ve probably noticed recently that there are many more internet service providers on the market than there used to be, all offering similar prices and similar speeds while trying to compete with the companies we all know well, such as Virgin, Sky and BT. Because they are all so similar, it can be hard to differentiate between what they offer, and why you should choose any one over another.

We’re not here to put anybody down, so we’ll just talk about what Briant Broadband brings to the game.

One of our most important unique selling points to us is the fact that we’re a genuinely local Worthing based business. That means several things to us:

Firstly because we’re local we’re part of the Worthing and Adur community. We’re not just a business who sells a product, we’re a company who provide a service to our neighbours.

Secondly, and more important to our customers, we are able to move quickly. When you call us you’re dealt with by people in our Brighton Road office, or even a company director in Stanford Square. Once we’ve checked availability in your area we promise to get you connected to the internet within 48 hours or we’ll give you a month’s data for free once we get you up an running. Read more

Briant Broadband say “Challenge Us!”

challenge briant broadband to install wireless or full fibre internet within two daysWhile most other broadband providers will send you a modem in the post or via a courier if you’re staying on ADSL, or give you an date when an engineer can come and connect you to the network if you’ve chosen to switch over to Full Fibre broadband. Briant Broadband say “We’ll get you connected in 2 days, or give you a month’s data for free!”

Briant Broadband are your genuinely local to Worthing broadband internet service provider, which means that we’re always nearby and on hand to install equipment and answer any queries you have. No far-flung call centres for us! When you phone your call will be answered in our offices just outside Worthing town centre. And it’s because we’re local we’re able to say “Challenge Us!”

When you call, or we reply to your online enquiry, we’ll establish where you live and what level of service you require. Depending on your precise location and needs it may be a week or two before we can connect you to Full Fibre right into your home, so in the meantime what we will do is provide you with a wireless receiver ensuring that you don’t go without broadband internet until we can get the fibre optic cable from the local exchange to your door. Read more