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Home security is a high priority for any home-owner, business proprietor, or estate holder. One of the most effective and practical deterrents to burglars and intruders is a CCTV camera and security lighting.

Installing wireless CCTV surveillance is quick and easy, especially if fitted by a professional. Briant Communications source, and fit a range of different wireless CCTV cameras which we will locate in strategic locations about your property to maximise coverage, including alcoves, niches, and any areas which might be obscured by trees and shrubs. Our cameras and battery and solar powered, and are triggered by motion, and can stream footage to your computer, tablet or phone, or TV. Many CCTV cameras come with mics and speakers, allowing you to speak to anybody on your property.

Place CCTV Devices Anywhere On Your Property For Optimum Coverage

When CCTV depended on a cable for power and relaying the picture, householders were limited to having cameras affixed directly to the wall of the property they were monitoring. With wireless transmission, solar powered and longer lasting battery technology, cameras can now be placed all over your property making it easier to cover gates, outhouses, sheds and barns, it also means getting coverage of property that is at a better angle than is necessarily offered by attaching the camera to the exterior of the property.

Having CCTV coverage of your home is much more practical than simply looking out for intruders. If you’re having mobility issues and you find it hard to get to the door, if you’re away from your property but expecting visitors, or you want to know who is calling before you go to the door, then an entry camera is perfect for you.

Your CCTV can also be supported with security lights, which also come on at the same time as the cameras. If you’re the type who struggles with keys, your drive or entrance is particularly dark or not immediately accessible to visitors without lighting, then this again is both practical and reassuring.

Security Coverage Indoors and Out

Alongside robust cameras which are located out doors, we also provide a range of stylish, attractive cameras which can by used inside the home. These are great for not only monitoring activity (you can set the motion detector to differentiate between pets and people, for example), but for collecting fantastic quality pictures should your home be broken into. This not only increases the chances of conviction if your case goes to court, but it also increases the chances of your property being returned since good quality video encourages a guilty plea and the recovery of your goods.

Let Briant Communications install and network your wireless CCTV cameras, motion detectors and lights and we will also ensure that the data can’t be hacked, deleted or otherwise interfered with.

Briant Communications provides a host of CCTVs solutions that provide essential surveillance and security for your home or place of business with strategic camera placement and user-friendly monitoring systems.

Our advanced CCTV systems consist of a wide range of wireless, easy-to-use devices that provide:

  • Round-the-Clock Security
  • Viewing via Computers, Smartphones, Laptops or Tablets
  • Digital Recording with Easy-to-Access Footage
  • High-Definition (4K) Video Display
  • Hands-Free Automation
  • Wireless Placement and Accessibility
  • And More!

What’s more, our CCTV systems can be integrated into your existing home automation systems and include movement detection and real-time alerts via SMS or email to ensure your smart home is providing efficient, reliable security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Stay One Step Ahead

The biggest reason to rely on Briant Communications for your CCTV installation, security cameras and integrated CCTV systems is to ensure your home or property is protected from what “could happen.”

Our vast resources and advanced technology works just as well for a 2-bedroom home or a 5-story office building—so you always have a peace of mind that your home, family, equipment or property are properly secured.

Don’t wait for something to happen; and avoid letting your family, shop or factory fall to ruin because you didn’t have proper protection. With nearly 80% of crime across England and Wales falling under property-related offenses, there’s no better time to have a CCTV system installed.

Stay aware by installing a CCTV security system that deters, protects and defends your home or commercial property while you’re a work, while you’re sleeping, and even when you’re on holiday.

From real-time alerts to 360° coverage, we’ve got the experience and the technology to ensure that whether you’re at home or abroad, you’re protected from potential thieves or intruders.

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The Peace Of Mind Of Being Protected

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