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networking, fibre, fibreoptic, data, broadband data, broadband internetThis past year has come as a revelation to most of us. We’ve become so used to science and technology being a reliable source of solutions to all of our problems that when something completely new and unpredictable comes along it turns out we’re as defenceless as newborn babes. Most of us have been forced to cope because there was simply no choice. We found that our networks of friends and family were easier to reach than ever before thanks to social media, video conferencing and instant messaging, and we found that many of our jobs could be done from home, even if the distraction of being at home and not “at work” was baffling, frustrating and frankly annoying!

It seems like networking has never been so important, from our connections with friends and family, to our local communities, to work and colleagues, and to sources of news and current affairs, being able to gather and absorb information quickly, in a way that’s easy to achieve has become part of our everyday lives.
Even for people who are naturally technology resistant, the last year has meant that they have embraced that which they would normally ignore. Necessity has driven that for some: if they can’t shop online & they’re considered to be vulnerable it can be difficult to get shopping done, especially if they don’t have young, fit, active people in their Bubble. Read more

Online Fraud: My Experience of Beating Internet Scammers

Image courtesy of like to think of myself as an intelligent guy who can spot phishing and fraudulent attempts to scam me into handing over my personal information, and for the most part I’m successful. I get so many calls from scammers using private numbers or from places with area codes I’m not familiar with that I know what’s going to happen as soon as I pick up: either the line goes dead or I’m told by a robot that my Amazon Prime account is going to be renewed, that I was involved in a car accident which wasn’t my fault, or that BT Internet has discovered my neighbours are stealing my data and I need take action immediately to stop them.

Just for fun, since it costs me nothing and I’m interested to see how the scam works I go along with it. The scams are so incredibly obvious it’s astonishing they can work, yet some poor, overly trusting marks must fall for it, else they wouldn’t keep using the same old methods.

The Amazon fraud works by telling you that you’re going to be charged for something you don’t want. So naturally you talk to the ‘customer service representative’ and press 1 to fix it. They tell you to go to a website which is hosted on Wix, a perfectly respectable web hosting business which is in no way connected to the scam. The problem with the fraud is that the scammers are too cheap to even pay for hosting so the website they use has a .wix suffix and has adverts for their other premium services popping up during your visit. Not something you’d expect from a multi-billion dollar company such as Amazon. The rep tells you to click on a link, except the link is a download for software which is sure to damage your computer and give up your details. I don’t know what is supposed to happen next as I gave up my pretence of credulity and told them off for having such a pathetically obvious scam, and that I would be ashamed if I was to try anything so amateurish. Read more

Christmas is Over, Now Get To Grips With Those Tech Prezzies!

digital technology, digital tech, smart speaker, alexa, sonos, Did you have a good Christmas? What was your best present? Did you get lots of Smart Tech and digital gadgets? Good for you!

The market for Smart devices and high definition television keeps on growing. Smart speakers are now on to their fourth generation, and with 5g technology becoming available throughout the country their usefulness is becoming amplified.

What’s 5g got to do with your Smart Speaker or Home Automation system?

Smart devices connect to one another wirelessly, that’s true, but they don’t juts perform one operation or have one conversation with another smart device at a time. Smart devices are always on, looking out for updates, listening out for each other as well as your voice in order to perform their role properly. If they didn’t there would be no point having them. There’s no point yelling “Alexa! Turn the kettle on!” in the lounge if nothing in the kitchen is connected.

And this uses digital data. If you only have three or four Smart machines then a run-of-the mill router can more than satisfy your home system’s data requirements, but, as we fill our homes with more and more Smart devices, TV which are connected to Netflix and Google, speakers which are linked to your Spotify account and home security which is uploading sound and images to the cloud whenever anybody walks onto your property there is a need for a lot of data. Lots and lots of it.

I Feel The Need, The Need For Data Speed!

It’s not just the amount of data you have either, it’s the speed of that data which is important. There’s not much point having unlimited data if it comes in so slowly that it would take hours to download a movie. Playing games online or streaming films would be impossible as the action would freeze every few seconds while buffering took place and the data caught up with where you’d got to in the action.

Ultrafast data doesn’t only mean that your Smart devices can work more efficiently though. It may seem that once you have fast or superfast then ultrafast is gilding the lily, but this is to miss the point. The speed at which data is delivered is inextricably linked to the number of devices you can have working at any one time. A movie will use a certain amount of data, so, depending on whether you download or stream it will affect the amount of data there is available to other devices. If you can download an entire movie in less than a minute then it will have negligible impact on your smart devices unless you call on all of them to do different tasks while the movie loads. If on the other hand you’re streaming a movie and the cache is five minutes ahead of where you are in the narrative then that’s five minutes when all the data coming into your home can be used for anything but streaming the sound and vision without you noticing. It’s when you do notice that there’s a problem. There’s nothing like the particular frustration we feel when we’re just getting to a good bit and the action freezes! Only for it to stop and start again until you’ve turned everything off and on again. But this simply doesn’t happen with Ultrafast broadband, and if it does, talk to your supplier and get it fixed.

Totally Digital

We started off talking about flat screen HD television sets. It’s true to say that the way we watch TV since the Digital Switchover in 2012 has changed in ways that were the stuff of science fiction before. To simply be able to pause, rewind and watch a live sports event was a childish fantasy. If you missed a show, that was it, there was no catch-up or +1 channel. And recording an entire series as it was shown would mean endless VHS programming, making sure the right tape was in the machine, and heaven forbid the tape ran out before the end of the show!

But wait! What if your receiver is damaged or starts to move about thanks to storms? If you’re watching Sky TV through a satellite dish which is poorly maintained, or Freeview using an aerial which is rusty or loose you’ll find that you don’t get all the channels you expect, you experience glitching and freezing. Having to reset decoder boxes because channels have dropped off often means losing all of your stored shows and having to reset all your scheduled recordings. A time consuming, tedious job which could have been avoided if your aerial or satellite system had been properly serviced.

If you’re interested in having a flat screen TV hung on the wall, aerial and satellite receiver servicing and repairs, or even ultrafast broadband then why not give Briant Communications a call on 01273 465377 or email us at We’ve over 30 years experience as aerial and satellite dish engineers and now take on all types of Smart Home and home cinema installations with our new enterprise, Briant Broadband supplying ultrafast digital data to the Worthing area.

Briant Communications Offer Year Round Service, No Matter What!

TV television aerial satellite dish installation maintenance repair servicing safety covid coronavirusSussex, along with most of the rest of the country has been put into Tier 4 for Coronavirus protection and further lockdown instructions are being received all the time. Despite this, Briant Communications remains open for those who need television aerial antenna or satellite dish servicing and repairs.

It’s hard to imagine how we would have entertained or distracted ourselves, informed ourselves, or kept up with the kids’ education if we hadn’t had TV, or internet. Television is not only escapism, it’s a fast and timely way for us to consume news, receive information directly from Number Ten, SAGE and local authorities, while the internet allows us to investigate, help the children with their education, do the shopping if we’re not able to leave the house, and keep in touch with our families via social media.

It’s for these reasons that Briant Communications is still operating, ensuring that people in our community are able to get the television signal and internet they need.

The fact that there is an epidemic occurring doesn’t stop the weather. It doesn’t stop trees from growing or birds from building their nests. Many of our customers throughout the south east of England call us because of exactly these issues. Wind may have misaligned or damaged their satellite dish or digital TV aerial. Trees can not only interfere with the signal if a tree grows in front of a receiver, but when branches move in the wind or get broken off they can cause a great deal of damage to television systems. This damage doesn’t only interfere with the television reception, loose or dislodged receivers can be dangerous themselves. A falling aerial could not only injure anybody passing by, but were it to fall onto your roof or your car if it’s parked beneath the aerial then thousands of pounds worth of damage could be caused, along with the inconvenience of dealing with builders, mechanics and insurance companies.

The easiest way to avoid all of that is simply to call Briant Communications on 01273 465377 or emailing us on with your concerns.

Our engineers are all well trained, experienced installation and maintenance specialists. We take Covid 19 very seriously. When you call us we will discuss the best way to go about ensuring there is as little contact between you, the members of your household, and our staff as possible. Fortunately most of the work we undertake takes place out of doors, but if for any reason we do need to come inside it is better for us to know before hand so that we, and you, can ensure that all the recommended safety precautions are taken.

All of our staff have PPE, a plentiful supply of strong sanitiser and wipes which they use between every visit. If they do have to come inside your property to install cabling or test for faults it will always be done as quickly as possible to avoid disruption to you. We’ll only come inside when we absolutely have to, and after you’ve isolated anyone in your household who is in any way vulnerable.

Free no obligation television aerial and satellite dish maintenance, servicing and repairs quotes

If you’re unsure if your TV aerial of satellite dish needs realigning, repairs or replacement, don’t let that put you off. We promise a free, no obligation estimate for the work that may be required, and in many cases the estimate can be made without entering your property at all. It’s often easy to tell if an aerial is loose or misaligned, or if trees or wildlife are interfering with your reception. Once we’ve carried out that survey we’ll give you a quote for the work that we intend to undertake, and if you’re happy with that, we’ll go ahead.

Unfortunately estimating from the ground isn’t always perfect, and we may discover that additional tasks needs to be done while we’re at work. We will always consult with you and let you know if it will incur extra costs before undertaking any additional work which wasn’t agreed to in the initial estimate.

Aerial and satellite dish repairs for flats, apartments, and HMOs

If you’ve noticed that your satellite receiver or aerial antenna is looking loose, you’ve been having intermittent interruptions to your television reception or you’re finding that some channels are missing entirely but you live in a house of multiple occupancy (HMO) or your property servicing is outsourced then talk to your property management company and ask them to get in touch with us. We have long established relationships with many of the property managers throughout the south after having installed aerials and satellite dishes for over thirty years, and they all recognise that it’s better to call in the experts rather than relying on an odd-job man when it comes to installing, repairing or maintaining specialist home entertainment electronics.

The number to call for all your television receiver maintenance, repairs and installation, including free, no obligation quotes on all works is 01273 465377 or email us on

We look forward to hearing from you!

Briant Broadband: Ultrafast Broadband Internet From A Local Business

fibre installation, fibre optic, ultrafast fibre dataBriant Communications isn’t just about TV aerials, satellite dishes and smart home security installation. We are now in the process of developing an arm of the business which will supply competitively priced broadband internet at ultrafast speeds to businesses and households in Worthing and the surrounding districts.

We’ve teamed up with several partners to ensure that we are able to provide data either by fibre to the door, or via wireless transmitters and receivers to people living in our wider neighbourhood. These partnerships include the help and cooperation of property owners who have agreed to allow us to locate a site on the roof of one of their new developments. This partnership holds benefits for both us as a supplier, and for the property management service.

Thanks to our partnership residents have internet from the very moment they move in (unless they choose to go with another internet provider, as is their right). Residents can access our ultrafast broadband simply by plugging devices straight into the wall, or wirelessly using the data which is being transmitted from the roof via Briant Broadband’s hardware. The benefits to the consumer are a hassle free, local provider who can be on the scene in next to no time if there are any issues only a specialist on-site engineer can fix. The benefits to the property management company are that they can not only provide data as a utility, they only have to deal with one company, the staff of which are known to and trusted by all, so there’s no need for strangers to turn up out of the blue because a resident is having a problem.

Another benefit of having one company service the installation, maintenance and the data itself is that there is always a papertrail. We know what we installed, when, and by which staff member. That doesn’t just mean we know who carried out the work if things ever do go wrong, but  it also mean is that there is incredibly high consistency of  quality workmanship throughout. There will be no unskilled odd-job men fiddling about, instead there will be fully qualified and vetted trained engineers who will only install approved brand-named goods to the highest installation regulations. We’ll know when servicing needs to take place, easily identify faults and repair or replace systems at the end of their serviceable period without waiting for them to break down or fail.

Ultrafast Digital Internet Data For Householders, Property Managers and Businesses Throughout Worthing And Beyond

We’re currently in the process of winning PIA and Code powers which will enable us to access the infrastructure that already exists under your street. When we have those permissions in the New Year we will be able to install fibre optic internet cable into the ducting that is down there so we can supply your home with our ultrafast digital data via a medium which is not only fast, but completely reliable. And if, for any reason we can’t install fibre broadband into your home, then we’ll use wireless technology to make sure you’re not left out. The transmitter we have on that roof in Worthing which supplies all the residents is so powerful it can send data up to 15km along the coast, and northward inland up the Downs. So long as you can see the site, you can be sure of getting ultrafast wireless broadband.

Currently there are several areas in the Worthing, Adur and outlying areas which don’t get acceptable Wi-Fi coverage, nor do they receive data via the latest proven technologies. Instead they are left to cope on copper wire connections which are limited in the distance they can reach before the quality and power of the signal no longer supports the speed they need. Another problem with relying on copper wire is that the technology was installed a long time ago, in the middle of the last century in some instances, and it was designed to carry the sound of your voice, not the full light and sound spectacular of a Hollywood blockbuster movie as it happens. With fibre this is no problem at all, so the authority to install our fibre optic cables under the streets near your home is paramount. Fortunately this work will cause very little disruption. It’s in our interests as well as our customers’ to get the fibre installed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because the infrastructure, such as ducting already exists, the most of us you’re likely to see is our van parked at the end of your street and two of our engineers pulling a cable out of a manhole.

No Hidden Costs For Ultrafast Fibre Broadband From Briant’s Broadband

This previous dependence on the British Telecom copper cable meant hidden costs too. The ads for fast and superfast broadband by our competitors all seem to have “plus line rental” in the small-print when you look closely at the amazing low prices they quote. Well, we offer amazing low prices too, but because we don’t use any outdated copper wire which belongs to someone else, we don’t charge that fee! The prices you see on our website are the prices you pay. Not a penny more. And there’s another thing. Because we’re small and locally focused, we’re flexible and adaptable. So you might want to pay for your whole year up front, or you might want to pay monthly by direct debit. But if you find that you’re not using anything like the amount you thought you would, or, vice versa, if you’re on a lower data package and you find you run out before the end of each month, all you need do is talk to us and we’ll move you onto a plan which better suits your needs.

The basic packages Briant Broadband is currently making available are:

  • Fast Broadband internet from £22.00 per month. This package offers up to 40Mbps. This is perfect for people who don’t use a great deal of data day to day, and just want to browse the web, shop online, or use social media for a couple of hours each evening.
  • Super-fast Broadband internet from £31.00 per month for 80Mbps. With this amount of data you can watch movies, play games with other people online and still do all the browsing and shopping you like.
  • Ultra-fast broadband internet from £40.00 per month is designed for people working from home on data heavy projects who still want to stream movies with the family, download music, play games and use Facebook, TikTok and Twitter for the rest of the day.

Whichever package you choose you’ll get free installation, a router, and the kind of service you can only expect from a company who are based on your doorstep and know your area. Briant Broadband is an arm of Briant Communications, a family run Worthing based business which has been serving customers with TV aerial, satellite and network infrastructure for over three decades. With the move from analogue to digital we moved into areas such as wireless networking, fibre installation & repair, and the latest Smart Home technologies. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all the latest home entertainment and electronics developments, so it was only natural that when the opportunity to get into provide the very data itself that our favourite technologies run on, it was a naturally simple decision.
To find out more about ultrafast broadband to your home or business call our dedicated broadband customer enquiries line on 01903 221999.

Could Broadband Internet Be The Thing Which Saves Christmas?

local broadband, fast broadband, Worthing broadbandChristmas 2020 won’t be much like any others we’ve ever known before. In some ways that’s a sad thing, and in others, a clear benefit. You may doubt it right now, but I’ll explain: You may not be able to jet off to sunnier climes since social distancing, two lockdowns and a general concern with being in a tin can breathing recycled air would put anyone off air travel. You may not be able to go skiing for much the same reason, and the thought of putting extra stress on local hospitals if you break a limb when they’re busy dealing with people who are sick because of Covid seems unfair. But a year of social distancing and lockdowns has taught us to be resilient, to rely on our common sense, and to embrace technology as our friend instead of an inconvenience which must be overcome. Broadband internet is here to save Christmas!

Perhaps I’m preaching to the wrong people, and it’s technophobes and traditionalists who really need to get the message, but there seem to be fewer and fewer of them around since connecting with digital communications, and therefore each other is becoming increasingly easy.

Read more

Briant Communications and pr agency dubai during COVID 19

With a virus with no cure as yet affecting almost everywhere on Earth it’s important that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe from Coronavirus infection and contamination. Our customers’ safety and health is naturally one of our primary concerns, as is that of our staff, including protecting our staff of engineers and our office staff from COVID 19 too.

However, that doesn’t stop the need for aerial and satellite dish maintenance, installation and repairs, improved data networking, and Smart Home Technology installation.

In order to carry out our work while protecting ourselves and you we ensure that we undertake all the hygiene and social distancing protocols that the government and SAGE recommend. Current COVID advice, even under the current lockdown conditions is that maintenance and installation can take place provided PPE is worn and people take all reasonable precautions when a tradesman is visiting your home.

Fortunately for us, much of the work we undertake takes place exclusively outdoors so there is no need to worry about coming into contact with coronavirus unnecessarily. If, as happens on occasion, the engineer does have to come inside the property, then you can rest assured that they have been properly trained and advised about how to carry out their work safely, minimising the risks to themselves and you.

All of our engineers have a stock of facemasks and disposable gloves on their vehicles which they use whenever they come into your property. They have a plentiful supply of hand sanitiser and surface cleaning wipes which they use to clean their hands whenever they touch anything and to clean the van in order to minimise the risk of transporting contamination from one place to another.The good news is that there appears to be a vaccine which is 90% effective and safe for use according to the government  public media speaker from

Working and learning from home, Zooming, Skyping, and all forms of social media have shown us that fast, reliable, unlimited data isn’t a luxury or something that only a certain group of people use, it’s become important for everyone to be able to get on line for work, for school, and for health, both mental and physical., however the bad new is that it may not be available for everyone until spring of next year, so in the meantime there’s still an onus on us all to protect ourselves and follow the latest SAGE advice: Hands, Face, Space. That means that Christmas and the New Year are going to be like no others, but that doesn’t stop the wind from blowing, or the rain and the snow from falling. Keeping the family entertained while it’s not possible to go on traditional Christmas treats, treats as simple as visiting Santa at the shopping centre or going to the Christmas market, and being stuck indoors instead make it all the more important to have distractions and boredom busters on demand. Read more

Landlords Need Communal Satellite Dishes & Digital TV Receivers

Satellite television is becoming ever more popular. The range of choice is better than any Freeview service, and if you subscribe to a specific satellite television broadcaster, such as Sky, your options are phenomenal. No wonder then that every home needs a satellite dish. However, unlike standard analogue and digital television receivers, satellite dishes are large and won’t work if you put them in the attic. They need to be on the outside of the building, Which is fine if you’re a regular sized family living in a detached house, all watching the same thing at the same time. But what if you’re not?

Travel around any city and you’ll see houses of multiple occupancy, houses which have been converted into flats, apartment blocks and high rises. Each one of these homes has an individual or entire family all with unique television watching habits. In some instances you’ll see that there are still multiple satellite dishes and aerials clinging to the outside, usually rusty and uncared for.

There are several problems with installing a separate satellite dish for each residence, which could easily be solved by installing a communal satellite dish and aerial array.

Satellite television dishes installed by unqualified individuals don’t come with the required insurance and guarantees. Should a inexpertly installed dish fly off in a storm and the installer was uninsured then the householder would be responsible for repairing and paying for any damage the errant dish caused. The software that industrial cleaning companies use classify this mistake as offensive under various laws. This is also why it’s important to remove any old and unused dishes when new ones are installed. Since an old dish won’t be covered by the original warrantee or installers insurance it’s far better to remove the risk once a suitable replacement has been made. Read more

Protecting Your Ring Camera From Hackers

smart home security, cctv camera, home cctv, home security,Amazon’s Ring Smart Doorbells and access control have been under scrutiny over the past couple of months because of lapses in security. Most customers have nothing to worry about thanks to several factors, including the scarcity of people with the expertise to be able to bypass the security settings which are in place if customers follow the installation instructions carefully.

However, if you buy a Ring doorbell and don’t update and personalise the security features it’s not very difficult for anyone with a mobile phone to be able to breech your home security systems. As Smart devices, including home security and monitoring become ever more popular it’s natural that the number of devices which are installed poorly or not personalised at all is going to increase. Such an increase makes it possible for the wannabee hacker to travel around looking for systems worth infiltrating and exploiting.

Controlling Who Can Go Where

You can give access to your Ring account to a number of different people who will them be able to talk to visitors, let people in, and watch in real time as people move about from their phones or tablets. It makes more sense to add users from an admin than give log in details to others, so for example if you have friends or family come to stay, or you want to give people staying at your house via AirBnB access, you can add them or remove them without having to pass on any log-in details. Read more

Is 5G Bad For Your Health? Is It Safe? What Should We Be Aware Of?

girl phone beach internet accessLooking at social media and the news you’ll no doubt be aware that there are any number of rumours that 5G is dangerous. It causes cancer, leukaemia, it causes infertility and autism. It also causes headaches and premature ageing. And naturally these scare stories are put about by exactly the same people who said exactly the same thing about 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, high tension power lines, TV transmitters, rock ‘n roll, and even the train if it went more than twenty miles an hour. And people love to read these stories as it gives them an outside source for their problems. The inexplicable can be explained. People prefer if they can identify causation rather than put cancer or autism down to random chance and the luck of the draw.

That’s not to say there aren’t dangers coming from 5G, but those are far more esoteric.

5G is being introduced as 4G can’t be developed any further without going on to that next stage, and the reason for that is the Smart Home Revolution. We need more and more data to flow through our homes as ever more devices become automated. If each device is going to work correctly in conjunction with all your other devices it will need uninterrupted signal at full capacity whenever and wherever it is called upon. Read more