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Get More Out Of Your TV And Radio With Foreign Television And Satellite Services

Would you like to watch international sporting events, news, shows from home or foreign language movies showing on European TV which you simply can’t get on TV here in the UK? Perhaps you're missing your favourite soaps, talent contests and reality shows because they simply aren't broadcast on regular British television channels. If that's the case, Briant Communications can help.

Briant Communications can install the satellite system you need to watch European, North African, Mid-Eastern and Asian television channels. You get to see more shows than ever before with a foreign satellite system. Our motorised satellite systems can be fine-tuned to receive thousands of TV and radio channels from all over the world while our static and dual receiver dishes can be directed at UK and European satellite transmitters of your choice for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Persian, and so many more languages.

Briant Communications Can Supply And Fit The Satellite Dish You Need For European and Middle Eastern Television Channels

Not only can our expert engineers install dishes on Arabsat (Badr 26), Nilesat (7w) and Hotbird, you can choose versatile foreign language programming designed for your enjoyment:

  1. Select Free-to-Air (FTA) channels broadcast to your box—without a subscription—for a one-time minimal fee.
  2. Choose premium subscription packages to major providers in the UK, including favourites; Sky Italia & Deutschland, Bein Sports, or Digiturk.
  3. Create hybrid TV packages based on specific language preferences, such as popular French platforms Fransat or TNTSat, or Italian TivuSat. These last upwards of four years before a renewal is required.
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Whether you’re looking to add a few new video channels or expand your listing ability, choosing a motorised satellite system from Briant Communications will give you unlimited access to allow you to watch, listen to, or explore.

Choose from a new foreign and European TV satellite installation or let us service and maintain an existing motorised or fixed satellite system. Our skilled engineers, advanced diagnostic equipment, and knowledge of Dreamboxes and Linux-based boxes are sure to expand your content options.

Contact us today on 01273 465377. Let us show you how our equipment and our experience staff can create a channel package you’re sure to love!

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European, North African, And Middle Eastern Satellite TV Stations Throughout The South East Of England

We are specialists in supplying and installing a range of satellite systems in Worthing, Brighton, and all over the South of England. Our satellite TV receivers can give you access to thousands of foreign language television and radio channels from across the world. Depending on the channels you are looking for we will install either a fixed or motorised satellite TV dish system so you can receive a variety of foreign language channels including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Persian and many more. Please get in contact with us, with the languages or specific channels you are looking to receive and we will do our best to help you.

We are specialists in large dish installations where our expert engineers can install dishes on satellites such as Arabsat (Badr 26), Nilesat (7w) and Hotbird.There are several Free-To-Air (FTA) channels that broadcast without the requirement for subscriptions meaning a one-off installation can provide you with years of TV from this one-off installation charge.

We also provide premium subscription packages from major provides here in the UK, including Sky Italia & Deutsland, Bein Sports, Digiturk and many more. Just ask us when you book your appointment and we will let you know what receiving these foreign TV channels will require.

There are also hybrid TV subscription packages which we can supply and install. A small one off payment will give you a set period during which the subscriptions will work, letting you see if you're happy with the range and quality of TV you can receive before committing to a full contract. These sample subscriptions include the popular French platforms Fransat and TNTSat which will work for 4 years, and provide all the popular French channels in HD. Another would be TivuSat from Italy.

In addition to new foreign satellite TV installations, we can service and maintain these and any other satellite system. Whether this be a fixed or motorised system, our skilled engineers use the latest diagnostic equipment, including knowledge of specialist satellite receivers like Dreamboxes and Linux boxes.

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