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Superfast Wi-Fi Internet Installation Throughout The Home

The demand for connectivity drives development, and the more connected devices and Smart Home Technology we own, the more important it is for us to have a fast, secure, reliable Wi-Fi connection. We now have so many internet enabled gadgets and tools that we could hardly imagine living without fast Wi-Fi any more.

It’s not just our laptops and tablets that rely on fast Wi-Fi internet technology, or even our phones and smart TVs. Today almost everything seems to be Wi-Fi enabled, including CCTV, TV, home audio visual entertainment centres, even fridges and other white goods can connect to the ‘Internet of Things’ in order to improve their efficiency in energy and resource consumption. Strong, reliable WIFI internet connection makes all areas of life far more efficient. Smart home hubs depend on having excellent Wi-Fi in order to be effective. If your various smart devices are to communicate with one another, and operate correctly, it’s important that they are fully synchronised.

Enjoy Wi Fi Home Entertainment Anywhere In The Home And Garden

If you’ve extended your wireless home entertainment system into the garden so you can enjoy Spotify while you barbecue or watch movies in a converted outbuilding you’ll need a signal extender which can deliver large amounts of data over a distance at speed. When that’s the case you need to install a Point to Point transmitter.

These transmitters are specifically designed to extend Wi-Fi signal via a beam from the home out to a receiver in a remote location, and then make that signal available to Wi-Fi enabled devices close to it. What this means is, if you’ve got a shed, pool house, or home office which needs full wireless internet access at the bottom of the garden all you need do is install PtP transmitters such as the Ubiquiti NanoStation which Briant Communications install and you’ll get Wi-Fi signal every bit as good as your home signal out there. Log on with as many devices as you like out there and enjoy speeds and reliability similar or identical to those you enjoy in the room where your Wi-Fi router is installed.

Alternatively install MultiPoint if you’re in need an array of CCTV cameras to monitor buildings, grounds, and garden perimeters which are set at some distance from your main building. With PtMP Wi-Fi transmitters it is possible to install a number of remote wireless Smart CCTV cameras anywhere within an approximately 120 degree cone of the transmitter. Again, the range of signal output outstrips any reasonable cable installation, because installation is a process which takes our engineers barely any time at all.

Wi-Fi Internet Is Essential For Home, Work, And Leisure

Co-working across different locations, either within the same building, or remotely across continents all starts with a good internet signal. Sharing files, documents, collaborating on projects in real time are all now possible thanks to Wi-Fi technology, as is gaming with friends and family in separate rooms, countries and continents. If you’re after the latest developments in TV, home AV and living wirelessly, they all require dependable Wi-Fi.

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Our advanced technicians provide a wide range of essential wireless services, including:

  • High-Powered Wireless Access Points
  • Whole Home, Office or Building Wi-Fi Installation
  • Expansive Network Coverage
  • Streamlined Connectivity
  • Access via Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Devices
  • Guest, Client or Personal Wi-Fi Access
  • Protection for Sensitive Information
  • And More!

These bespoke wireless AP solutions not only fit your current needs, they can even be easily scaled to fit future growth. This ensures that whatever you decide you need today won’t limit what you do in the days ahead.

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Whether you want to enjoy video streaming a Premier League football match by the patio, hot tub or deck, or you want to access important business information via secure networks all over the city, we’ve got you covered.

Let Briant Communications create a safe, secure, user-friendly network that provides fast accessibility to your family, your staff, or your customers. We guarantee that our professional engineers can create a bespoke solution that will benefit you today, tomorrow and beyond.

Wireless connectivity is essential to our personal comfort and our professional ambitions, and you should never be limited by poor internet service or lacklustre networking connectivity.

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