Additional TV Sockets

Additional TV Sockets Throughout The Home

There can't be many homes or business which only have one television on their premises today. And yet most properties only have one line coming in from a single satellite dish or aerial. Attach a single satellite box or digital set-top decoder to it and all the TVs will only be able to show one channel at any one time. However, fit additional TV sockets in further rooms of your home or business and you can watch any channel you like wherever you like.

Briant Communications can install any number of different television sockets and outlets throughout your home or business quickly and efficiently. So if you're building and extension, having a loft conversion, or simply updating a bedroom so you can watch the whole range of television channels, whether on a satellite subscription, Freesat or Freeview Digital TV, we can put in TV plugs wherever you need.

New Television Terminals Wherever You Need Them

Of course there are many solutions overcoming the problem of only having a single source of digital or satellite TV signal. Attach a splitter where the aerial cable enters the property and you can run cables to multiple rooms, leading to separate satellite boxes. Each of these splices can then be attached to a box or decoder in each room, so you can watch a different television channel through one satellite dish or antenna. The drawback to this, if you’re doing it yourself, is the hard work of fitting cables, TV points, amplifiers, and wiring throughout the house. And if you don’t have the expertise required, the whole operation could be for nothing if connections are faulty, the cable gets damaged, or you buy products which aren’t compatible with one another. Additionally, each time the cable is split, the signal it delivers becomes weaker, meaning that picture and sound quality are lost. Put together too many splits, poor connections, people tripping over cables, damaging them or pulling them out of TV sets and boxes, potentially knocking them over and damaging them, and you may not be watching any TV at all for quite some time.

Inconvenient Cabling And TV Plug Sockets Taken Care Of

Fitting wires is an unforgiving job. If cable and additional TV plug sockets are to be installed safely they needs to be carefully secured, because while cable is loose it's a trip hazard, is easily damaged and looks ugly. So why not get a professional to install the extension cables though your home? They take on all the responsibility of ensuring the job is done to the highest possible standards. We ensure that the cable is undamaged and that, with amplifiers where needed, you can always watch TV with a signal that's strong enough never to give you any problems.

Briant Communications offer an additional TV socket fitting service which takes care of all these issues. Our professional, experienced engineers each have a van packed with all the equipment they could possibly need to install TV plugs, television Sockets, Independent Channel Control, TV Amplifiers and can come to you anywhere in Brighton, Worthing and throughout the South of England

We Install & Repair:

  • TV Sockets
  •  Independent Channel Control
  • TV Amplifiers & Splitters
  • HDMI Full HD Distribution
  • Home Networking

Expert Installation And Professional Service

The signal which comes down the cable from your receiver isn’t unlimited, each time you split a cable the signal becomes slightly weaker. The distance the cable has to travel will have an effect on the quality of signal too, so we’ll advise you if you need any amplification or other peripheral equipment. As this type of additional equipment needs its own power supply, we will take this into consideration when carrying out an installation, because you don’t want the clutter of additional cables, and power points being taken up. Leave the fitting of additional television plugs to us and we take care of all the details, allowing you to simply sit back and relax, enjoying different channels in different rooms throughout the property.

Traditional style TV aerial on a metal extension pole on top of a roof overlooking the beach.

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An engineer will visit you at an agreed time-slot. Upon arrival he will discuss your requirements, any alternatives, prices, and maybe offer a little free professional advice.

Our technicians repair and install a wide range of TV distribution systems to suit every need throughout the South of England, including CAT5 home networking systems, HDMI full HD distribution systems, Fibre Optic TV distribution systems and coaxial TV & FM/DAB radio distribution systems.

With a system designed and installed by us, you will be able to view any input (Sky box, Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Media Centre PC etc…) in any room without sacrificing control of these and without losing a single pixel of picture quality.

We always treat your home with respect and will be as unobtrusive as possible while working with you.

Take control and start enjoying your kit around the whole house, not just in a solitary room. Get the most out of your subscriptions and services by giving a member of our team a call today.

A Good Clean Job With No Mess

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