Wireless Music System Installation

Wireless HiFi Music System Installation Throughout The Home

Playing music in your own home is just one of those things, and a wireless home music system makes it easier than ever to enjoy. Choosing the tracks you want to listen to when you want something to suit your mood at a volume you like on your sound system just can’t be beaten. A discreet audio system installed throughout your house puts you in control. In the summer time there's nothing better than going from home to garden with your choice of music going with you, and in winter it's nice to snuggle up under a blanket and relax listening to your preferred playlist or watching a movie with unrivalled surround sound.

Choosing music for parties, whether that’s creating playlists for a Barbecue or birthday party, or putting an album on just to chill and relax is one of those things that makes a house a home. Listening to music on great sound system is a must. You want top end bass speakers, subwoofers tweeters and midrange drivers to get the power, and reliability to playback your favourite tunes. You also want to have a range of hi-fi equipment in your home to play all your old vinyl, CDs, and downloads on.

The true audiophile has always insisted on the latest technology to get the most out of their recordings, and live broadcasts. Today that desire for the best sound system goes beyond simply having the best speakers on the best mountings playing music from the best record players. Now speakers can be integrated in the whole home and using home networking, you can have the music follow you as you move around the house, have different playlists playing in different rooms during parties and celebrations, or play music outside, controlled by your phone or tablet, without having to go inside to change the record. In the 80s it was cool to have free standing speakers and a Hi-Fi in the middle of your living room. Today we prefer something rather more discreet, which is controllable from anywhere.

A Full Range Of Wireless Sound System Solutions

Depending on your requirements, Briant Communications can install wireless speakers anywhere you want. If you prefer shelf mounted, recessed or freestanding speakers we can install those with as little fuss or mess as possible. We use the latest wireless audio technology to build a wireless home music system which perfectly matches your needs, so if you want perfect sound quality across all ranges in a dedicated room, or the convenience of music on the go with no cables tying you down is your jam, we’ll tailor a system to suit.

This service isn’t limited to the home and garden either. If your office, bar or restaurant, or any other commercial space requires a new top line sound system which is easily controlled, professionally installed and unobtrusive then get in touch for a consultation and quote.

Depending on your specification we can install a music system which can be controlled in a variety of different ways including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Existing Systems
  • And More!

We install advanced, multi-room sound systems using streamlined, accessible formats that are designed for anyone to use in Worthing, Brighton, Crawley, and all over the South of England.

For our customers, this means accessing music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, Apple Music across several different rooms using a single control device.

Great for families or busy offices. We want to provide you with a wireless music listening experience you won’t find anywhere else—and at a price that fits your budget.

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Whether you want stereo speakers in each corner of your home to enjoy your favourite albums, or want a better way to put out messages to customers or staff across your business, our systems can do it all.

Simply choose between:

  • External or Flush-Mounted Appearance
  • Various Speaker Sizes
  • Inside or Outside Mounting
  • And a Variety of Other Essential Listening Factors

At Briant Communications, we’ve provided unbeatable domestic and commercial services for over 30 years. That means we have the technical expertise and reliability that’s essential to our success.

Contact our professional installation team today. We’ll create a sound package that suits your environment, your listening experience, and your accessibility needs. From deep, thumping bass to advanced treble clarity, our sound systems can be pumped into every room in your home completely wirelessly.

Enjoy high-fidelity sound and unmatched clarity throughout your home or office by having a wireless sound system installed today.

Reach out to our professionals now by calling us on 01273 465377 or fill in your details on our Contact Us page and we’d be happy to help you get started!

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