Smart Lighting Control System Installation

Smart Lighting Control Systems To Suit Every Mood

Lighting has an immediate and appreciable effect on your home, and your mood. The kind of lighting you have around your home is very important, and there’s a huge variety of Smart LED lighting solutions available on the market. Briant Communications install the latest in intelligent Smart Home compatible lighting control systems, making it simple to incorporate Smart lighting into your life.

Control The Lighting In Your Home With Smart Lighting On Demand

Today lighting is an integral part of the home automation system. Not only can you set your Smart lights to come on and switch off at a specific time of day, you can make them come on when you pull up in the drive or when you’re on the doorstep at night, or even change colour at to suit your different moods. You can programme or command activation either by a simple voice command, or via your tablet or phone.

If you’re away from home regularly, or have any mobility issues which mean getting up or using your fingers to turn lighting on and off is problematic, then making them controllable by voice means you can enjoy your independence. You may find it hard to move about the house if you’re carrying objects or use a cane. You may find it hard to reach traditional light switches from your wheelchair. Controlling Smart lights with a simple voice command means not having to worry about how to reach the switch ever again.

In order to carry out any of these functions, it's vital that your connected devices have as much Wi-Fi data as possible. We can help with that too as we also provide broadband wireless data via our Briant Broadband arm. We provide Fast, Super Fast and Ultra Fast data packages and promise to get you connected within 48 hours of receiving your call.

Smart Lighting Ensures Not Only Energy Savings, But Security And Comfort Around The House

Lighting is also important for security. We all know it’s wise to leave a light on if you’re not going to be in, but if your lights come on automatically when the ambient light falls below a certain level, rather than at a specific time. With If This Then That technology (IFTTT) you can make other devices come on and off when the lights come on or off. If the lights come on, a radio starts playing or the TV suddenly gets loud, any passing opportunist will immediately be put off and move on.

You can easily programme the LED lights to come on and go off at specific times or when security monitors detect movement, and you can also simple controls to turn lights off when they're not in use. There are many ways you can use automatic energy saving skills to cut power consumption and therefore costs using energy efficient automated lighting control systems, and because Smart lights are LED, they consume a fraction of the energy of traditional bulbs.

Versatile Lighting Control: By providing our clients with custom smart lighting, we can turn a living or work space into a smart home or office you can truly enjoy. That’s why we employ Control4, Rako and Lutron technologies to expand your control over your personal system.

Imagine being to change mood, lighting scene and comfort levels on the fly using just your smartphone or tablet.

In fact, we can give you the ability to:

  • Create Ideal Brightness Levels
  • Change Colours to Set the Mood
  • Save Energy and Reduce Costs
  • Access Lighting While You’re on Holiday
  • Automate On/Off Light Timers

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Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Residential And Commercial Smart Lighting Control installation

The ability to set your mood lighting can change a space dramatically, especially when you’re trying to relax, get comfortable, inspire potential customers, display a product, or create a scene. And with one-touch lighting control systems from Briant Communications, you can manage multiple circuits and areas with a single, user-friendly control point or simple app.

Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bill, enjoy changing lighting brightness or colours based on your mood, or just want to make it simpler to come and go without reaching for the light switch, we’ve got a home light control system that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Control the brightness of your bedside lamps, create a soft glow in the kitchen with LED strips, or add a bit of colour to a living area or workspace with coloured LEDs. Contact us today on 01273 465377 and we’ll be happy to configure a smart lighting system that works for you!

More Fun To Live In And Easy To Manage

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