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Reliability, speed, and consistent quality without blind spots are always the most important factors we all look for when it comes to choosing cabling, and wireless internet access. Without excellent coverage and networking many of your Smart Home and WiFi enabled devices become unreliable. This isn’t just inconvenient if you’re playing games online, watching streaming TV, downloading movies, or listening to music. If your home security is wireless you won’t always be able to confidently rely on your home security or access control systems

In order to supply you with a wireless network which is not only fast, but one which you can rely upon at all times Briant Communications plan, supply and install state of the art networking solutions in the home, office and any other premises which require high speed, secure, stable internet access.

Wireless Connectivity Depends On Reliable Hardware And Networks

Our cable hardware makes it possible for you and your family to work from home, monitor your security systems and CCTV cameras, play video games, stream and download movies and boxsets in 4kHD, and listen to music all at the same time. We supply and install all the cabling and hardware, including sockets, and amplifiers, that you need to make all those wireless devices, phones, tablets and laptops work seamlessly and reliably. Our IT for business solutions also allow you to network your office, workshop, bar or factory, allowing you to play entertainment in your reception areas, provide WiFi connectivity to customers and staff for better engagement, presentations and remote meetings.

Briant Communications use a range of state-of-the-art cabling, including Cat5 Cat6 and Cat7, fibre, co-axial, or even armoured cabling should the situation demand it. This ensures that the communication and interconnectivity between servers, routers, AV and security devices is the best possible. In order to achieve the best, fastest and most reliable wireless network, it’s vital to install the best, most reliable infrastructure. Once that’s in place you have a system which is capable of incredible delivery, and unrivalled expandability.

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Install Today And Be Prepared For Tomorrow

One of the major benefits of installing a stable cable and hardware system now is that it will be expandable in the future. As more and more products and devices are designed with smart technology built in. As the Internet of Things takes off, they will all take up more and more bandwidth. So fitting a home or office network which can easily cope with additional use now is the epitome of future-proofing.

Much of today's entertainment and information sharing technology relies on having a structured network. Running a business means you’re going to use several devices simultaneously. These include laptops, tablets, streaming HDTVs and industrial equipment such as cutting machines, printers and 3D printers. If your business relies on them then a strong, reliable, constant signal is key. And you can’t get that wireless reliability without impeccable hardware and cabling.

Briant Communications’ Ethernet solutions give you the stability you require to enjoy 4K HD TV without buffering and freezing, uninterrupted online gaming, file sharing, video conferencing and multiple user collaborations in real time.

Whether you’re distributing services across a single network, expanding your office’s total computer networking technology, watching HD/4k over Cat5/6, listening to music across multiple rooms in your home, our home automation and networking systems provide you with unmatched reliability.

If you’re in Worthing, Crawley, Brighont, Eastbourne, Southampton, London or anywhere else in the South East of England and looking to choose a spine for your new network, or need to upgrade the accessibility to your current system, then get in touch with us today. Call on 01273 465377 to talk about how we can make your home or business ready for the future.

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