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Speed, consistency, and reliability are essential to high-definition TV, which means conventional IRS systems with coaxial cables have begun to limit the signal strength and visual quality of service due to their poor scalability.That’s why we at Briant Communications are providing advanced fibre optic solutions to enhance the viewing experience. A smarter, more intelligent system, our fibre optic IRS can travel vast distance, from a single aerial to an entire satellite array, to provide a better end-to-end signal.

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Fibre Optic broadband and TV systems are designed to send signals in the form of light with zero loss, enabling a system to run over many kilometres without affecting the signal at the receiving end in any way . This is notable because a traditional metal cable system limits a system to a maximum distance before switches, repeaters or amplifiers need to be installed. The main benefit is that fibre optic cables can disseminate a very large amount of data over incredible distances without any need for additional devices, making installation and access for maintenance very much easier.

This biggest impact you’ll see is when a fibre optic broadband IRS system is installed over large developments, which can contain hundreds or thousands of properties. These TV systems not only increase the reliability over the vast consumer base, they replace ugly satellite dishes or aerial arrays we can create a more aesthetic pleasing presence for your property—especially those mounted by independent installers.

The only drawback with fibre optic cable is that if it gets damaged, either through accident or misuse, the lines are harder to fix than traditional data cable. That's when you need to call in a specialist company such as Briant Communications. We're trained and certified in accessing and repairing fibre communications and dealing with all kinds of damage. What's more, we can take on jobs of any size at a moment's notice and will work at a time that's convenient to you, so if you experience an emergency, count on us to get your fibre optic network back up and running.

Briant Communications will carefully plan, design and install fibre optic IRS systems based on intricate schematics and ducting plans that suit your main contractor; thus, providing a more streamlined, affordable and expandable solution instead of a quick fix.

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The most important aspect of Briant Communications service is that we’ll be there long after the installation has been completed. Our expert engineers can provide continued repairs, maintenance and support for your new fibre optic IRS systems, including all manufacturers’ components.

For example, if a fibre optic cable is broken, we have the training and skill to offer emergency damaged fibre repair services utilising the latest OTDR tester. In fact, we can repair damaged cables the very same day by identifying damage and splicing them back together quickly; essentially saving you thousands of pounds over independent contractors.

Fibre optic cables are extremely reliable allowing them to be used in critical data communications and control transmission operations. So if they fail major problems can occur and you need a fast reliable fibre broadband repair.

If your fibre network has failed due to a damaged, cut or broken fibre cable you require a fast and responsive fibre optic repair in order to get your communications network back online.

Project Skills Solutions has been called out to repair many damaged cables from major cable destruction, from construction activities involving excavation, simple termination failures or rodent damage.

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Fibre Optic Cable Repairs in Essex & London & Southeast

Our engineers come with fully equipped vehicles carrying the latest OTDR test and Optical Fusion splicing equipment. This allows fast location of damaged fibre cable faults and the ability to offer professional advice to cable managers on how we can get the network repaired and fully functioning. If the cable is damaged beyond repair we can install new fibre optic cable or offer options on bridging the fibre optic cable break even on a temporary basis to get you communications back on line. Plus we offer civil excavation if cable ducts or pits have been damaged or require repair or new installation.

On completion the cable will be fully OTDR tested and full test results traces will be provided.

Fibre Optic Cable Repair Services

If your Fibre Optic Cabling network has been damaged and you need a damaged fibre optic cable repaired call us to speak with a member of our fibre team straight away, or fill out the form below to get a quote. Briant Communications has been in business for over 30 years installing satellite dishes, aerials, data cabling and fibre optic solutions in Worthing, Brighton, London and the South of England.

If you need an estimate of the repair costs we will need to know

  • The mode of fibre cable and the number of damaged fibres (this can be read off the jacket of the cable normally i.e. OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS2
  • The type of damage involved photos will allow us to evaluate the best damaged fibre repair solution.

Location of site fibre cable repair is to take place along with any site restrictions i.e. induction required, Working at Height etc.

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