Briant Broadband is different from other Internet Providers

internet, broadband, data, computer,It’s easy to think all broadband internet providers are all the same. In fact there are many things which separate us all from one another, not least our ethos and the way we treat you as a customer.

You’ve no doubt had a contract with one of the big high street names such as Virgin, BT, Sky or TalkTalk before, and if you have you’ll know how lumbering big companies can be when it comes to problem solving and customer service. You call and have to navigate labyrinthine options before you get to talk to a human, if you ever do. The call centres are located miles away and so busy you feel you’re just a number to the operator. Then your problem is treated flippantly, and if an engineer is needed you’re booked in, but the exact time the technician will turn up remains a mystery, meaning a day indoors waiting.

Briant Broadband isn’t like that.

Here at Briant Broadband we believe in offering friendly, expert customer service from a team of staff who are local to Worthing. What does that mean? Well, we promise to get you connected to the internet within 48 hours of your agreeing to use our service, or we’ll give you a month’s broadband for free. We also offer an ‘Introduce a Friend’ scheme where you can get a month’s free data each when you introduce another user to our service.

Being local means that we can be on hand in next to no time if there’s a problem too. We don’t anticipate anything going wrong, but we’re prepared! Once they’re installed, fibre optic lines are very safe and secure, but it’s possible that something like roadworks could damage them if workmen are careless. If that were to happen you wouldn’t be waiting hours or days for an engineer to be assigned to the job. Briant Broadband know it’s a priority and we’ll be out fixing it as soon as possible. We deal with technical faults the same way. We only use the best hardwaare and equipment available on the market, but of course sometimes even the best products fail. I that does happen we’re able to provide you with a replacement immediately, no waiting for days for a postman or courier to deliver the tech you need.

Local And Flexible Internet Service

As well as being local, we’re flexible. We know that your needs change throughout the time that you’re with us, and we’re adaptable to that. We don’t have contracts which tie you in, and we offer a like-for-like price match for genuine internet prices (excluding promotions and special deals). If you take up one plan and find that it’s not fast enough for you, we’re happy to increase your internet speed so you get the best possible plan for you. And if your need goes down, you find that you’re not using as much data as expected, or a grown-up child who enjoyed gaming all night finally moves out, you can move down to a more suitable plan. We don’t charge an admin fee for that, we simply adjust your bill to reflect the different plan you’re using.

As well as being able to change your plan whenever you need, we also offer you the option to pause your service if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more. All you need do is let us know the date you’re going away and we’ll pause your data, meaning that you’re not paying bills for a service you’re not using.

We don’t offer an ADSL option, a service which uses old copper telephone wires. Instead we use wireless and Full Fibre technology which means we don’t have to charge you line rental either. We use our own wireless transmitter for our Superfast wireless customers who receive 100 Mbps, for speeds above that we either use our own fibre optic lines, or those supplied by our business partner Cityfibre. No line rental means that the price we quote is the price you pay. No hidden extras or admin fees, because we don’t like it when they catch us out, so we don’t do it to our customers!

Briant Broadband Offer VoIP Phone Lines Too

There is however an optional extra which landline customers are pleased with, and that’s our VoIP telephone service. For £10 per month you can get unlimited cheap or free local, national and international calls to landlines and mobiles. You can keep your old phone number or get a new one, you can even get the area code of your choice.  However, if you’re not a landline user, there is absolutely no obligation to take up this option. People with a landline which they do use should be aware that as the fibre optic grid rolls out across the nation it is planned that old wire phone lines will be phased out, so eventually everyone will find they need to find an alternative.

Our VoIP service isn’t just line rental. You get voicemail built in, you can withhold your number from appearing when you call out, and block numbers from being able to call you (handy when so many calls seem to come from sales companies and scammers). Our package also includes hold, call waiting, and call diverting so you can take calls to your landline wherever you are.

Briant Broadband is a truly independent internet service provider with no shareholders or top-heavy management structure. That means we’re able to make crucial decisions quickly, and, because we live in the same community as our customers, our ethos is to be on the side of the customer. Whatever’s good for them is good for our business. When you call or email us you will be dealt with by a well trained operator who can put you through to a director of the company. No call centre supervisors or middle managers for us! And each of the board has years of experience in network infrastructure, telephony, wireless and fibre optic installation. This puts us in the unique position of having a senior level team who have first hand knowledge of what’s achievable, and deliverable for each of our customers.

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