What Do People Ask When They Talk To Briant Communications?

The Most Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers


Do You Only Fit Aerials And Satellite Dishes?

Briant Communications not only supply and fit aerials and satellite dishes, we maintain and service them too, ensuring that they are safe, secure and work perfectly. If your aerial has become lose or your satellite dish is mis-aligned we can repair, reposition or replace the antenna for you quickly, with a minimum of fuss.

We do supply our own TV receivers such as aerial antenna and dishes, however, if you have your own new aerial or dish which you have bought or received from Sky, but they are unable to fit it for you, we can do that too! We’ve a long history of being one of Sky’s preferred partners and whenever there’s an installation which is too difficult, they recommend us.

Can You Mount A Flat Screen Telly On My Wall?

We’ve got experience hanging and mounting TVs to all kinds of walls, including plastered brick, plasterboard, even bungaroosh. When we quote for TV installation we’ll take a look at the kind of wall you have, the size and weight of TV you want to hang and give you a free, no obligation quote from there. Cabling can be concealed, run through cavity walls or simply contained within trunking, your engineer will be able to discuss all the options you have before carrying out any work.

What Areas Do You Cover?

Our office is located in Worthing, but our installation engineers are happy to go to most locations throughout the south east of England. We do contract work in London, Surrey and Hampshire, but most of our work takes place in locations split between Worthing, Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Crawley, Hayward’s Heath, Bognor Regis, and Portsmouth. If you're anywhere between the south coast and London, give us a call!

Are Your Installers Qualified And Insured?

All of our engineers have insurance through Briant Communications underwritten by HiscoxHiscox. All of the work they carry out is fully insured, and guaranteed by us for a year. As mentioned above, when Sky can’t carry out a difficult installation, we’re the ones they recommend. All our team are qualified to use ladders, cherry pickers, and even abseiling equipment to place your aerial or satellite dish in hard to reach or out of the way places.

How Long Before You Can Come And See Me, And How Long Will The Job Take?

We aim to come and visit your property within a week of your initial call or email. If possible we’ll aim to be with you much sooner, depending on how busy the team is, and where they are working on a particular day. Because they carry a a great deal of equipment on their vans if it’s a simple job the engineers we send can usually quote for the job carry out the work immediately.

Installation of an aerial or satellite dish usually takes between 90 minutes and two hours. Hanging a TV is much less predictable as it depends on many variables, but the engineer who comes to see you will be able to let you know how long he will take when he gives you your quote.

What Experience Do You Have Installing TVs, Dishes And Aerial receivers?

Briant Communications was established over 30 years ago and has over 50,000 previous customers. Each of our current field engineers has at least 10 years history working for Briant’s, some have never worked anywhere else for 15 years or more, so we’re happy to say that our experience and company heritage is second to none in the communications installation industry.

Can You Provide European / Foreign Satellite Television And Radio?

As well as Sky and FreeSat we can align your satellite dish to receive a number of different European, Turkish, Arabic and International broadcasters, meaning that you can watch sports, news from home and catch up with your favourite soaps, all on your regular TV. The packages come with digital radio as standard so you can listen to any number of home stations from abroad through the television. Customers who ask for foreign television channels most often ask for Sky Italia, TivuSat, Sky Deutschland, Bein Sports, Digiturk, Fransat, PolSat, TNTSat, Arabsat, and Nilesat, So if you want to see any of these, or there is another broadcaster you’re interested in, just let us know.

Can My Family Watch More Than One Channel At A Time? / Can You Fit A Satellite Or Aerial On A Block Of Flats?

Briant Communications can easily fit the cables, sockets and other hardware you need to make it possible to watch whatever channel you want in different rooms throughout the house. We also install communal receiver systems for apartment blocks, housing developments and hotels so each room, flat or house can receive a full range of channels independently of one another through a single aerial or satellite dish. So if you have a family who all want to watch something different at the same time, or you represent a property management company and you need a discreet, unobtrusive system to provide TV to each residence, we have a range of solutions.

What Does CCTV And Access Control Installation Involve?

When we install CCTV we’ll first come and visit your property to see which cameras would be the best for you, how many you will need and where to position them to give you the best view over your property. We’ll then install them, and ensure they are working properly, recording and sending footage to storage. Access control is a similar process insomuch as we’ll help you choose the best door monitor for you, we’ll install it and then ensure you’re able to use it properly.

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Contact Briant Communications on 01273 465377 or use the form below and one of our staff will call you back to arrange an appointment.


    Briant Communications have been installing and maintaining aerial antenna, and satellite dishes in Worthing, Brighton, Crawley, Eastbourne, Hayward's Heath, Bognor Regis, Portsmouth, London and throughout the South East for over thirty years. As a Sky approved partner we're the company they recommend when the best location for the dish is too hard for them to reach.

    Over the years we've branched out from just being your local TV aerial and satellite dish installer to taking on a variety of other home entertainment, AV and Smart Home installations. So if you're interested in getting Freeview TV, Sky TV, Sky+ or SkyQ, audio visual entertainment and WiFi throughout the home, hanging a television set on the wall, or even building an entire home cinema, get in touch.

    If you're starting out with Smart Home Automation and you'd like to know the pros and cons of what it can bring to your home then we can help with that too. We offer free no obligation quotes for our planning, design and installation so you'll always get the most out of the devices we install.

    We have solid relationships with many property management companies throughout the Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire region, and have a wealth of experience putting up communal aerials and satellite dishes. One receiver will be able to deliver all the TV and digital radio channels currently available to each individual residence, often tucked out of the way so there is no visual impact for residents or neighbours.