What do our customers get from being with Briant Broadband?

If you thought that all broadband suppliers were the same, and the only difference was the prices charged for different speeds, you couldn’t be more wrong! While price is a big factor, when you look at what you’re getting in terms of speed, most internet service providers are very similar. But what about the small print? Those fine details can make a big difference!

Many of the smaller companies currently competing in the market offer speeds and prices which are competitive, but they have catches. Some are selling you broadband which they can’t even deliver for a further three months. Others offer prices similar to those you can get with Briant Broadband, but that’s if you sign up to a contract which will be at least a year long, maybe two. And they have clauses that they can put their prices up while you’re with them. And if you want to keep the same price you may have to negotiate yourself down to a slower connection to keep the same price, or tie yourself into another long contract which, of course, will be subject to potential price increases further down the line.

Line rental is another cost which is often hidden in the small print as well. A phone line is at least £15.00 per month and it is necessary for broadband providers who are using ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ solutions. Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) uses fibre rather than copper telephone wires for more than 99% of your data’s journey from the server, via a local exchange, to your computer. It’s only when it gets to the cabinet at the end of your street that the medium changes from glass to metal. The problem is that copper phone cables aren’t designed to take superfast or ultrafast broadband. Consequently your data hits a massive obstacle when it reaches the cabinet, slowing it down from a potential 900 Mbps to around 80 Mbps (Briant Broadband’s slowest speeds are 100 Mbps, with no line rental or hidden extras).

With No Line Rental The Price You See Is The Price You Pay

Briant broadband don’t use phone lines so there’s no line rental. Instead we use Fibre to the Property (FTTP), otherwise known as Full Fibre which not only means that there is no additional fee to pay, it also means that the full maximum speed of 900 Mbps is available (depending on the package you choose). Another option is our Wireless broadband service. With wireless you can get 100 Mbps without having to connect to the fibre grid. This means that if your street isn’t currently connected to Full Fibre you can still get a handsome amount of data flowing through your home without any additional unwanted fees.

No line rental and a flexible approach means that there is no contract to sign either. No contract means it’s easier for you to join us as there are no credit checks to go through, which is great if you don’t have a good credit history and can’t get service from other providers. Not having a contract makes it easier to change the service you receive from us too. With other suppliers you have to phone a call centre where you could be on hold for hours, and in order to change speeds you have to extend your contract or pay admin fees.

That’s not the way we do things.

If you want to change your internet package, or pause it if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more, all you have to do is call our Worthing based offices. We’ll change your speed right away, adjust your bill accordingly, and all without admin fees or renewed contractual obligations. That’s why we have more packages than many of our competitors. Having more options means that you’re able to find a plan that closely matches your budget as well as the amount of data you need. Need faster speeds? it’s easy and inexpensive to move up by a single level. Don’t need the speeds you thought you would when you came aboard with us? Why not take your service plan down a level or two? You’ll still get amazing speeds, but you’ll be able to save money because it’s not faster than you need.

Away From Home? Why Not Pause Your Broadband Plan Altogether?

Yes, unlike any other broadband internet service provider we offer you the chance to pause your account if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more, without penalties or admin fees. We’ll also give you both a month’s broadband internet access for free when you introduce a friend to our service.

To find out more about coverage in your area, and which plan would be best for you, simply visit our website, send an email or call us on 01903 221999


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