Intrusion And Anti-Social Behaviour At Worthing Washeteria Solved

Worthing Washeteria Services is a small independent laundrette with two properties in Sussex, one in Rustington and another in Worthing. The doors open automatically at 7am so patrons can come and go, taking care of their laundry themselves or requesting service washes. Staff are on site throughout the day, but not at evening closing, when the doors lock automatically at 8.30.

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We Do The Rubbish Jobs

At 11am one Saturday one of our MDs received a call from UBB Essex, a waste handling and  recycling plant covering an area of approximately 6 acres as rats had damaged the fibre optic cabling which was essential for the plant to keep running. Without the communications and data input transmitted via it wasn’t possible to monitor the machinery and therefore it was necessary to shut down. Naturally any shut down at a site so large is going to be a serious and costly, so the period of inactivity had to be as brief as possible and the repairs reliable and permanent.

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