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With flat screen TV, high definition, surround sound and bigger screens becoming ever more affordable, the advent of home entertainment and home cinema is within the reach of many more of us.

It used to be that an in-home theatre was the preserve of the dedicated cinephile, the most many of us could hope for would be running a wide screen TV through the hifi. Today the situation is quite different. For many people having a large TV in the main living area with superb sound, along with a subscription to Netflix, Sky, and many other home entertainment services is standard.

And it’s not just the film lover who appreciates a stunning picture and unrivalled sound. Gaming is unparalleled when you play on a big hi def screen with surround sound and a subwoofer. Skyping with friends and family feels like you’re talking to them in the room when your entertainment system includes impeccable picture quality and strong WIFI connection that doesn’t drop out or freeze mid-chat.

Professional Home Entertainment System Installation

Briant Communications has more than three decades of installing home AV systems, including everything from satellite and aerials to fibre optic data and wireless solutions. We design and fit home entertainment systems so that you get the best 3.1, 5.1, or 7.1 surround sound, a TV screen hung on the wall, delivering the finest picture quality and overall viewing experience for the specific room in which you want your home theatre.

In addition to the entertainment centre, satellite boxes, digital decoders, speakers and TV, we also supply and install a complete range of Smart home solutions, including the assistant, the WIFI, smart devices, security devices, cabling, and air con / heating controls.

We’ve all spent the evening at the theatre or have spent an afternoon with friends or family enjoying the latest blockbusters. But nothing's better than relaxing on your couch enjoying popcorn, Ultra High Definition video, and deep, thumping bass designed specifically to thrill your senses.

Our custom home entertainment systems are designed using the latest in cinema products to maximise your viewing experience. What’s more, we can create bespoke entertainment systems that can be used to enjoy:

  • Ultra High-Definition Movies
  • Major Sports
  • Culture, Music and News
  • Streaming Apps such as Netflix, Prime Video and more
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Laptops and HDMI Devices

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We can install everything from 5.1 surround-sound systems, sound bars, projectors, televisions, projector screens, and much more.

When you want to get the most out of your movie, TV or gaming experience, let Briant Communications design, develop and install a custom home cinema layout that maximises each moment. We’ll also integrate your other smart in home control devices with your system, expanding your ability to enjoy even more apps and personal services.

Don’t settle for standard TV wall hanging or a project sitting on a side table; let our engineers show you how to take your movie viewing experience to a whole new level with bespoke audio visual services.

Whether a date, a Sunday afternoon with the kids or a Wednesday night meet up, everyone loves the cinema! So why when we want to watch our favourite films at home do we settle for second-rate broadcasts?

Home Cinema Installation

What Is A Home Cinema?

A home cinema, or home theatre, is an entertainment system designed to reproduce a cinema experience in your home. We do that through the use of stat of the art audio visual equipment that we can supply and fit in your living room or design and build a home theatre if you want to convert a room for exclusive use as a cinema / AV entertainment space

The home cinema can be used to watch; Sport, Entertainment, Wildlife Documentaries, Music, News and so much more. Get in touch for a demonstration of what we can do with today's technology in our Worthing showroom

You can stream from entertainment providers such as Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, and Gaming Consoles. You can also use your laptop for work or watch media saved on it, your phone or tablet.

How Far Can You Go With Home Cinema?

It could be as simple as having an improved audio device in place instead of the TV’s built-in speakers. Consider fitting additional devices such as a sound bar or even better, a 5.1 surround-sound system.

Or it could mean changing the visual device from a TV to a projector screen which is often a firm favourite. Alternatively you could go all out and dedicate a whole room to the home cinema and have the room custom-designed so you get the best cinema experience possible.

This would mean designing and planning the room and home cinema layout…. and this can be integrated with a home control device if you have one or if you are thinking of turning your home ‘smart’.

With a home cinema system from Briant Communications you get the look and sounds of a Cineplex at a fraction of the cost.

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