Now Briant Broadband is officially a partner with CityFibre, what next?

broadband installation, CityFibre, broadband internet, internet, broadband, Worthing, Sussex, Briant Broadband is indeed a partner with CityFibre, one of the companies tasked with fulfilling the UK’s ambition of connecting every home possible with Full Fibre. The aim is to have 85% of homes connected by 2025, and 100% of us fully connected to the fast fibre network by 2030.

In order to achieve this aim CityFibre is laying fibre optic lines throughout the Worthing and Adur area. You may have seen them putting cables under your street or adding lines to overhead telegraph poles recently as you, or your neighbours were added to those who were in a position to receive anything up to 900 Mbps ultrafast broadband.

If you haven’t had CityFibre’s engineers in your neighbourhood yet and you’re reading this, don’t worry! It won’t be long until you’re connected as Worthing and Adur are among the spearhead of towns and cities which are being fully connected first.

As more and more homes are connected it’s possible for Briant Broadband to supply those properties with the broadband internet which makes those fibre optic lines so indispensable. As a local broadband internet service provider it’s our remit to supply our neighbourhood with fast, stable, secure internet quickly, and with a level of expert, friendly customer service you can only really expect from a small, local business.

An Independent Company Supplying What You Want As You Want It

Briant Broadband don’t just re-sell other companies’ packages. We’re an independent company who have designed our range of flexible packages to suit everyone’s budget and data needs. If you’re a customer of ours and you’re not getting what you need we let you change your plan immediately with a phone call and don’t charge admin fees for changing. You can even pause your plan if you’re not going to be at home for a month or more and pick it up again when you get back.

Worthingers whose streets have been connected can get superfast or ultrafast from Briant Broadband in next to no time. All you need do is call and book a time that suits you for our technicians to come and install your new fibre router. Installation usually only takes a few minutes and you’ll be connected immediately. However, if CityFibre haven’t been past your house yet it’s only a matter of time before they do connect you. But if you can’t wait that long (as some of the smaller towns and villages in Sussex won’t be connected for some time) you can still get internet from Briant Broadband.

Choose From Full Fibre Or Wireless Broadband Internet

For those who aren’t part of the initial phase of this rollout Briant Broadband is making wireless broadband available. While wireless isn’t as fast as Full Fibre, it is significantly faster than any internet most homes using copper phone lines have ever experienced before. Because it’s wireless it’s easy to deploy. Preparing your home to receive wireless broadband only involves installing a receiver which is about the size of a mobile phone in a location which has line-of-sight with a local transmitter. We anticipate that most customers who receive their broadband wirelessly will be satisfied to stay on that platform, but if you’re still in need of even faster speeds once Full Fibre is available at your property we can easily connect you and put you on an appropriate plan which suits you.

To check for Cityfibre availability in your area just search for your postcode. If you’re not among those who can be connected immediately, give Briant Broadband a call on 01903 221999 to see how quickly we can connect you to our wireless network.

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