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Save Energy And Increase Your Comfort By Installing Smart Heating Controls

Once winter is with us, it’s only natural to put the heating on. However, with the hectic lifestyle most people live today, and the wildly fluctuating temperatures we experience in spring and autumn, it’s not usually so easy to tell exactly when you’ll need the heating on. The question is, how high, and for how long?

That’s why we love remote heating control so much. You can turn the heat on when you’re on your way home, so the house is nice and warm ready for you, but without wasting energy warming an empty house if you’re running late. From the end of the street, from the commute, even from your lounger on the beach! If you have WiFi, you can turn the heating at home up and down.

Smart Heating Control is perfect for people with busy lives because it allows you to react to the weather promptly. Remember what it was like last time you got home soaked to the skin only to find the house freezing because it was sunny when you went out that morning? Imagine how different you'd have felt if you'd been able to turn the radiators on so they were all fired up and the house was toasty warm before you got in! That's what you get with Smart Heating Control.

In order to carry out any of these functions, it's vital that your connected devices have as much Wi-Fi data as possible. We can help with that too as we also provide broadband wireless data via our Briant Broadband arm. We provide Fast, Super Fast and Ultra Fast data packages and promise to get you connected within 48 hours of receiving your call.

Complete Heating Control At Your Fingertips

You can also manage other environmental controls such as air conditioning and ventilation in exactly the same way. Want the aircon to come on whenever the ambient temperature reaches a certain point? With Smart heating and temperature environmental controls these are all options at your fingertips via apps on your phone, tablet or Smart Home control panel.

As Nest Pro Installers, you have assurances that we are a elite installation partners of the Nest platform.

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Our experienced team of heating control specialists want to show you exactly how quick and easy they are to install, manage, and use—even from your smartphone. In fact, they’re so versatile and easy to use that you’ll find they’ll let you:

  • Set “between” temperatures so your house maintains a cool (or warm) comfort zone within just 4 degrees all year-round.
  • Turn on the air conditioning or the heater depending on your activity for the day. Come back to a chilly house after a hot day at the beach, or warm it up after driving around looking at Christmas lights.
  • Let the smart thermostat run higher while you’re on summer vacation to save you money but have it turn on and start cooling the house down before you ever walk in the door!

Thermostats are not only a smart addition to your home that helps save money, it can even be connected to other Bluetooth technology in your home. Change the temperature of the room with your voice without ever getting off the sofa or reaching for your phone!

If you have any questions about what smart technology can do for you, your home or business then book an appointment.  One of our South of England based specialists will then come to your premises and give a demonstration and quote. Drop us an email or call the Briant Communications office on 01273 465377. Briant Communications are based in Worthing and cover Brighton, Crawley, London and the whole of the South East of England.

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