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Deter Vandals and Break-Ins By Installing Monitored Smart Property Alarms

In order to be effective an alarm system not only needs to alert all the right people immediately, but to be visible to deter potential criminals from targeting your property in the first place. In order to do that alarms and sensors need to be securely fitted, visible, and loud. Smart alarm systems offer a great deal more flexibility than old fashioned burglar alarms. Smart alarms will not only alert you and your security contractor if there’s a break in or burglary, the security sensors will start your CCTV cameras recording, sending footage not only to you but to the cloud too, safely and securely storing the data off site so there is no possibility of interference or destruction during the burglary.

Synchronise Your Alarms With All Your Smart Home Burglar Alarms And Business Security Sensors

Smart house alarm systems can be synchronised with any of your other smart security systems, giving you an unprecedented amount of control. When the alarm is activated during a break-in you can call the emergency services, and record the events as they unfold again, without having to enter the premises, meaning that you are in no danger of personal attack.

Briant Communications supply, install and maintain a range of different intruder and emergency alarms, suitable for shops, offices, homes and warehouses. Regular maintenance is often as important as professional installation. If an alarm is poorly maintained it may go off when there is no emergency, leading neighbours to ignore it, or worse yet, become annoyed which in turn harms your good will and reputation among the people living near your property.

Installation And Maintenance By The Best Smart Burglar Alarm Installers

Smart window and door sensors will detect if any windows or doors are opened when they shouldn’t be, left open for longer than normal, or left open at a time when the property should be securely shut. CCTV security cameras and motion sensors. Smart CCTV cameras will not only activate and record in the event of detecting motion within a building, yard of car park, but they can also trigger a number of other actions by other Smart devices. This can include security lights, alarms, locks, shutters and blinds.

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Our advanced alarm systems consist of a wide range of wired and wireless, easy-to-use devices which provide:

  • Round-the-Clock Security Coverage
  • Monitoring via Computers, Smartphones, Laptops or Tablets
  • Wireless or Wired Placement and Accessibility
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs

What’s more, our alarm systems can be integrated into your existing home automation systems and include movement detection and real-time alerts via SMS or email to ensure your smart home is providing efficient, reliable security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In order to carry out any of these functions, it's vital that your connected devices have as much Wi-Fi data as possible. We can help with that too as we also provide broadband wireless data via our Briant Broadband arm. We provide Fast, Super Fast and Ultra Fast data packages and promise to get you connected within 48 hours of receiving your call.

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The biggest reason to rely on Briant Communications for your security alarm installation is to ensure your home or property is protected from what “could happen.”

Don’t wait for something to happen. Avoid letting your family, shop or factory come to harm because you didn’t have proper protection. With nearly 80% of crime across England and Wales are property-related offenses, there’s no better time to have a Smart alarm system installed.

Stay safe by installing an alarm system that deters, protects and defends your home or commercial property. Monitor your property while you’re at work, asleep, and even when you’re on holiday.

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