What Do You Get From Briant Broadband You Don’t Anywhere Else?

broadband supplier, ISP, worthing ISP, worthing broadband, worthing, internet, data, full fibre, fttp, fast fibreYou’ve probably noticed recently that there are many more internet service providers on the market than there used to be, all offering similar prices and similar speeds while trying to compete with the companies we all know well, such as Virgin, Sky and BT. Because they are all so similar, it can be hard to differentiate between what they offer, and why you should choose any one over another.

We’re not here to put anybody down, so we’ll just talk about what Briant Broadband brings to the game.

One of our most important unique selling points to us is the fact that we’re a genuinely local Worthing based business. That means several things to us:

Firstly because we’re local we’re part of the Worthing and Adur community. We’re not just a business who sells a product, we’re a company who provide a service to our neighbours.

Secondly, and more important to our customers, we are able to move quickly. When you call us you’re dealt with by people in our Brighton Road office, or even a company director in Stanford Square. Once we’ve checked availability in your area we promise to get you connected to the internet within 48 hours or we’ll give you a month’s data for free once we get you up an running.

Briant Broadband Bring Flexibility

Briant Broadband don’t hold our customers to a contract, making it easier for everyone. We don’t do credit checks, we don’t tie you in for a minimum period or charge you a penalty if you want to leave. Nor do we charge you admin fees if you want to change your data package.

When you decide that you want to buy broadband from us all you need do is call us, we’ll install and connect the router or wireless receiver, once you’re set you’ll be able to start using your broadband immediately. If you find that your chosen plan isn’t fast enough we can increase the speed you receive. Alternatively, if you find that your use doesn’t really warrant having one of our higher priced packages then we can put you on to a slower, lower priced option. You can even pause the service we provide if you’re not going to be using the internet for 30 days or more. If you’re not using it we can see no reason why you should be paying for it.

We like to think our prices are among the best available on the market today, but if you can find a genuine like-for-like offer (excluding special offers) we’ll match it.

Introduce a Friend

We’re confident that you will like being a Briant Broadband customer, and that’s why we also have an ‘Introduce a Friend’ offer. If you introduce a friend or neighbour to us we well give you BOTH a month’s free data. And that’s not limited to a maximum number of friends, the more friends you bring to us, the more free months we give you.

Being local means we able to offer unrivalled customer support. From getting you connected within 2 days, changing your plan to suit you if you need to change without admin fees, to dealing with your questions promptly and attending call-outs urgently if and when you ever need repairs or replacements for routers or cables which have been damaged.

If you’re interested in taking up connection to a broadband provider who is genuinely local, who cares about excellent customer service, and who deals with all their customers as if they were neighbours, not numbers, get in touch! Use the contact form or give us a call on 01903 221999

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