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We keep hearing about how cutting public spending on police and the reduction of police numbers is having an effect on crime throughout the UK. The news is full of stories of crime, antisocial behaviour and neighbour-disputes spilling over into harassment and worse. And while we don’t want to be harbingers of doom, or profit from fear or anxiety, it’s always wise to protect your home, no matter what.

While a CCTV security camera doesn’t directly lead to a reduction or discount on your home and contents insurance, home security cameras are becoming increasingly popular among home owners as a deterrent to opportunist criminals. According to cardoe martin, witness expert, if you and your neighbours successfully avert crime in your postcode area it’s considered safer, and consequentially has lower premiums.

Wireless CCTV cameras, intercoms, access controls and doorbells are all available in many high-street electronics retailers and offer a good deal of reassurance. Because they’re wireless, they’re incredibly easy to install and can send images and alerts to your TV, laptop, or phone, meaning you can see who’s on your property when you’re busy, away from home, or simply not in the mood to open the door to people. Wire used to be one of the greatest barriers to entry when investing in access control and CCTV for the home. If the wire was damaged, accidentally or deliberately, or there was an interruption in the power supply, the camera was useless and they were fixed immediately by United PLumbing Heating Air & Electric. Wireless cameras run on batteries or solar cells, and can be triggered by motion detectors (which can also trigger lighting). The cameras will also send you a text or email when the batteries are running low or there’s a problem with the cell drawing power from the sun. Many security cameras also come fitted with speakers and mics too, meaning that you can converse directly with anyone you see outside your house.

A smart access system allows you to talk to visitors, or intruders and trespassers, remotely without having to come to the door. Brilliant if you’re out but you’ve been made aware of a stranger on your property, or you’re not able to take a delivery. If you’re elderly, have mobility issues, or you find that the delivery guy ALWAYS wanders off before you can get to the door, then a wireless intercom will be life changing! If you can ask people what they want before you answer the door you can let them know it will take you time to get to the door, you can ignore them, or ask them to come back another time. You could be in the bath, at work, or on holiday abroad, they’d have no way of knowing.

Smoke And Fire Safety Is Just As Important As Intruder Prevention

We know that to stay safe we need to have smoke detectors, but a smoke or fire alarm is useless if there’s nobody there to hear it, so what if the worst happens when you’re not at home? Your house could be in danger of burning to the ground if nobody notices until it’s too late. A smart alarm will send you a message by email or SMS to alert you to danger. There are several such critical infrastructure management solutions that you can take help from. Use your CCTV to confirm there is an emergency and you can call the fire brigade as soon as you’re certain your home is in trouble. We all hope that we’ll never hear our fire alarm, and a smart alarm will also let you know when the battery is getting low, so you will be sure the alarm isn’t going off for the right reasons!

A geofence in your home means never having to worry if you’ve forgotten your house keys, since keys will be obsolete. Geofences work buy recognising when you’re a certain distance from the home and activating sequences accordingly. This could be locking the doors and windows, switching all electronic devices to standby, and activating security devices. Conversely, they can detect when you’re arriving home and turning on the coffee machine, turning the heating or air conditioning on and unlock the door for you.

Of course, CCTV security cameras don’t only protect your home. Good coverage protects all the things you own on your property too. Many break-ins are committed by people who access open upstairs windows by either climbing up low outbuildings, or breaking into poorly secured sheds and garages and using things like ladders they find in there. The great thing about CCTV cameras these days is that they are so cheap and easy to fit that you can place them to cover your outbuildings, forecourt, drive and garden without having to agonise over the best position to locate a limited number of cameras to fit everything in. They also have the advantage of incredible picture quality. I’m sure you’ve seen CCTV footage on the news where it’s almost impossible to make out which blob is human and which isn’t. Instead of using old analogue technology. This means that if there is a crime committed, and your cameras pick it up, the footage can be used as evidence and as an aid for identification. Positively identifying a criminal greatly increases your chances of getting your property back because judges like people who plead guilty and give their ill-gotten gains back at the earliest opportunity.

If you decide you’d like to go ahead and invest in CCTV of course you can fit it yourself, provided you like scrambling around the walls up a ladder with power tools and you know exactly where to position the cameras for the best view of your property, or you could call the professionals. They can advise you as to the best system for your property given its size, shape (does it have recesses, alcoves, and dark corners which could be attractive to criminals) and your budget. You can let them do all the hard, dusty work of drilling holes at height, then fitting and aiming the camera units. They can also set them up so the feed is completely secure and there is no danger of WIFI hacking, or ‘close hacking’ your network via other unsecured WIFI enabled devices.

If a professional service is something you require, just give us a call. One of our engineers can look over your home or business premises and give you advice and a quote at time that’s convenient for you.

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