Get Smart, Get Superfast WiFi Access Throughout Your Home And Garden

The convenience of wireless it that you can take your networked devices anywhere with you. Desktop computers no longer outcompete laptops, except that they don’t need recharging and the screen size isn’t limited to the dimensions of a laptop. Phones work everywhere, and Wi Fi enabled speakers can be set up anywhere you want throughout the home to enjoy hifi quality sound in every room. The only drawback was that stray too far from the router, into the garden for example, and your wireless connected devices would start to misbehave. Sound stutters, downloads pause and streaming TV or movies pause (invariably at the moment where the action gets exciting).

While this is irritating for those of us who use Wi-Fi strictly for entertainment, for those of us who have Smart Home Automation a poor Wi-Fi signal means that devices such as burglar alarms and CCTV can’t be relied upon. If you work from home as a writer, designer, musician, or any other profession which requires instant and dependable access to digital communication, including internet, Skype, or file transfer platforms a poor signal in the home is a problem. And if you’ve set up your office or studio in an outbuilding or converted the garage into a workshop then one option is running a cable from your Wi-Fi or internet router to your laptop or desktop. A far from perfect solution.

Enjoy Wi Fi Home Entertainment Anywhere In The Home And Garden

Alternatively, if you’ve extended your wireless home entertainment system into the garden so you can enjoy Spotify while you barbecue or watch movies in a converted outbuilding you’ll need a signal extender which can deliver large amounts of data over a distance at speed. When that’s the case you need to install a Point to Point transmitter. If you choose to work from your garage, it is important to know Garage Door Safety for Kids and Why It’s So Important, especially if kids are around the house.

These transmitters are specifically designed to extend Wi-Fi signal via a beam from the home out to a receiver in a remote location, and then make that signal available to Wi-Fi enabled devices close to it. What this means is, if you’ve got a shed, pool house, or home office which needs full wireless internet access at the bottom of the garden all you need do is install PtP transmitters such as the Ubiquiti NanoStation which Briant Communications used in the pictures and you’ll get Wi-Fi signal every bit as good as your home signal out there. Log on with as many devices as you like out there and enjoy speeds and reliability similar or identical to those you enjoy in the room where your Wi-Fi router is installed.


Professional Installation Is Fast And Dependable

You will need professional installation for the best results, depending on the location of the transmitter and receiver because line of sight is critical in the smooth efficient running of the devices. It is possible to place the transmitter and receiver in windows provided they are facing one another. Where that isn’t possible it would be necessary to mount the transmitter and receiver externally, on a roof or other area with a clear view of the receiver. The system delivers super-fast broadband over any distance and is a far less involved installation which could involve extending ethernet cable from home to outbuildings, which could involve a lot of digging!

Another option which is particularly useful for estates managers, farms, and other locations which need improvements to security is point to MultiPoint. For example, if you’re in need an array of CCTV cameras to monitor buildings, grounds, and garden perimeters which are set at some distance from your main building or Wi-Fi router then traditionally a cabled solution would be your only option. The problem there is that installation is prohibitive, and the cable itself is a vulnerability. However, with PtMP Wi-Fi transmitters it is possible to install a number of remote wireless Smart CCTV cameras anywhere within an approximately 120 degree cone of the transmitter. Again, the range of signal output outstrips any reasonable cable installation, making installation a process which takes one engineer an hour or two, rather than a team of cable layers whatever time it would take to dig out a trench, safely install the cable and back-fill, making the groundwork as good as it was before installation, or securely hanging an overhead Ethernet line to each camera which isn’t vulnerable to tampering, snagging, tree limbs, harsh weather, or wildlife causing damage by roosting or nesting.

Contact Briant Communications to discuss your remote Wi-Fi access requirements. We offer a free, no obligation price estimate for any of the following:

  • Outdoor entertainment
  • Remote office and workshop internet access
  • MultiPoint security and Wi-Fi access solutions
  • Long range high speed Wi-Fi connectivity

All of our engineers are fully insured and experienced in both Wi-Fi internet installations and working overhead outdoors. The company was originally set up as an aerial and satellite dish installation service so installing outdoor Wi-Fi transmitters is second nature! All of our work is fully guaranteed and the devices we install are covered by manufacturer’s warranties.

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