Why Should You Choose Briant Broadband?

When you’re shopping around for a new broadband internet service provider there are a range of different things you need: speed, reliability, and a good price. The great thing is, Briant Broadband has that and more.

Briant Broadband provides a wide range of different plans, more than just about any other broadband provider on the market. We pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to the service we provide to our customers. When you take out a plan with Briant Broadband you’re not tied into a contract like you are with other providers. If you find that the plan you start with turns out to be unsuitable you can change it. If it’s too expensive you can go to a slower package for which we charge less, or, if you’re not getting the speed you need you can move to a faster plan. We’ll adjust your bill accordingly, but we won’t charge you an admin fee for changing. You can also pause your package if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more, because we don’t expect you to pay for something you’re not using.

How does that equate to so many plans? Well, because we have several plans stretching from £22 per month to £40 per month it makes it easier for our customers to budget. So if you found that your 100 Mbps plan was too slow the next level up is our 150 Mbps which is only a few pounds more. Without the range of plans to choose from the next stage up would cost at least £10 a month more.

You won’t find better speeds on the market either. Our wireless 100 Mbps is quite sufficient for a home which uses the internet an average amount. Our receivers only take a few minutes to install and you get hassle-free broadband wherever you are in the house. But then our speeds go all the way up to 900 Mbps, as fast as any other provider can currently supply. 900 Mbps means everyone in the house can download or steam HD movies, download music, Zoom and operate Smart Home devices all that the same time without any buffering or freezing whatsoever.

Choose From Wireless Broadband Or Full Fibre

Plans which offer 150 Mbps and above are all Full Fibre, meaning that your router is connected to the local exchange exclusively via fibre optic cables, there is no copper wire stage to limit the amount of data you receive. As well as offering the fastest possible speeds reliably, being connected to Full Fibre also means that as industry standards such as speed of delivery improve you’ll already be attached to the required infrastructure and able to upgrade immediately.

No Contract, No Line Rental, No Hidden Extras

Briant Broadband prices are very similar to any of our competitors, and when you factor in our genuine like-for-like price match, our offer to have you connected to the internet within 48 hours or get a month’s worth of broadband data for free, and our Introduce a Friend promotion which gives the current customer and the friend they introduce a month’s broadband data free you’ll see that we really are hard to beat! And if you’re wondering, no, that Introduce a Friend offer is unlimited, the more friends, family and neighbours you get to come to Briant Broadband the more free months you get. Best of all, because we don’t use old copper wire phone lines, we don’t have line rental either, so the prices you see are the prices you pay.

On top of unbeatable speeds, prices which compare to any other internet service provider, we offer expert, friendly, local customer service. We’re based in Worthing and all of our staff live in or near town. We’re experts because all of our directors have first hand experience in the communications, data networking and telephony industries, and all of our installers have experience establishing and maintaining fibre and wireless networks.

Friendly Rapid Customer Service From A Company Of Local Broadband Experts

Because we’re based just outside Worthing town centre we’re able to give an incredible local focused customer service experience. That means we’re able to promise to get you connected to the internet within 48 hours or we’ll give you a month off your bill. It also means that you can drop into our offices if you want to speak to a real person about the plans we offer, check your coverage, or change your plan. It also means that if there are any incidents, such as roadworks damaging a cable for example, we can be on the scene far faster than anyone else to put the problems right.

If you know which plan you’re interested in, why not get in touch by choosing from the options below?

100 Mbps Superfast Wireless Broadband at £22 per month

150 Mbps Superfast Full Fibre Broadband at £28 per month

300 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband at £32 per month

500 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband at £36 per month

900 Mbps Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband at £40 per month

Or, on the other hand, if you’re not sure how much broadband internet you need, get in touch by sending us an email at info@briantbroadband.com or call us on 01903 221999 to discuss the way you use your broadband and get an honest recommendation for the best plan for your needs

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