Why Now Is The Best Time To Start Looking For Your New Flat Screen TV

flat screen wall mountingIs now the best time to buy a new flat screen TV or other home entertainment tech, or is it better to wait until the trade shows are over?

If you’re in the market for a new television, hifi, or any Smart automated home devices you’re almost always stuck in a quandary, when is the right time to buy to get the best deals without missing out on the latest developments?

If you’ve ever bought an off-the-lot, straight out of the showroom car you’ll have dealt with the same questions. You could buy a “brand new” car today with this year’s registration at full price, or wait until this years’ new releases come out and buy the car as ‘nearly new’ at a discount as the dealer wants to clear the showroom forecourt to make room for the latest models.

The same goes with electronics. Retailers such as Argos, Currys PC World, Hughes, and Richer Sounds only have so much shop-floor and warehouse space so they can’t have ‘old’ tech cluttering up the shop when the new lines are in demand. The problem is timing. Get in too soon and you’ll buy a product today which will be on offer at half the price in a few weeks. Leave it too late and the deals are over, the old stock is already sold or sent back to the manufacturer to be resold in a different market, or shipped away to be recycled and made into more of the pricey technology of tomorrow.

Finding The Best Deals Starts Now

Well, here’s the good news! If you start doing your homework today, researching all of the consumer reviews of 2020 products, looking at performance, reliability, durability and price you’ll know exactly what to buy when the end of season sales start. And those deals and sales are starting right about now.

With Christmas and the January sales having been over for a few months it’s time for the dealers to start getting rid of the last of the 2020 flat screen, hifi and home entertainment stock so they can concentrate on selling full price 2021 products. Trade shows are about to start in earnest, latest developments will be shown off, and the buzz will be all about the incredible new features which are juts around the corner, so if you’re savvy you can pick up that tired, old, hardly worth looking at really 2020 tech that nobody wants any more for a fantastic price. Because, in the long run, those incredible advances in hardware and software will be gimmicky and forgotten about once they’ve been supplanted, or they will become state of the art standard features in a few years anyway. But if you want a new flat screen TV or laptop now you don’t care about four or five years down the line.

The Latest In Innovation Of Yesterday Is Everyday Today

We can see the avant guarde becoming mainstream when we look at OLED, QLED and plasma right now. A few years ago plasma was the very latest in flat-screen technology and nobody could believe a screen so wide, with such fine detail could be so thin. This year you can buy OLED and QLED TVs for a fraction of the price they were when they first hit the market, and what’s more, 2021’s OLEDS and QLEDs could be anything up to a thousand pounds more expensive than 2020’s. Will you be able to see a grands’ worth of improvements to the picture you see when you’re watching Line of Duty or East Enders? Unlikely. And of course that sort of price difference, and appreciable difference in quality only appears in the highest of the top end of the market. However, for the more run of the mill, everyday product the price difference is less marked, but then so is the difference between the kind of TV most of us are likely to buy for the living room or lounge.

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