Why Briant Broadband Is Different From The Big Boys Of Internet Data

broadband, ISP, internet service provider, full fibre, wireless, wireless internet, A while ago someone unfriendly left a comment on Briant Broadband’s Facebook page about how he couldn’t trust a small ISP because we didn’t have the same clout as the “big boys”. It left us wondering if he thought we were cooking up data in a still in the back garden, or how he thought that any internet provider came about.

As an ISP it’s our job to ensure that you get the best speeds available. We need to ensure that your connection is stable and reliable, and we need to ensure that you get it at the best price. If that wasn’t enough juggling, because Briant Broadband is an installer as well as a data provider we need to provide routers, wireless receivers, and even pull fibre cable under the ground or suspend it from telegraph poles in order to connect you to our service. We are partnered with CityFibre, a national company who are deeply embedded in the scheme to roll out fibre connectivity to 99% of British homes by 2030, but there are some areas they aren’t going to be able to reach for years. And some areas, such as private housing developments and gated communities, as well as particularly remote homesteads where they may never reach at all.

Briant Broadband have solutions. In one remote private estate we established a wireless solution so homes in the area can all benefit from Superfast internet at speeds up to 200 Mbps whereas before they had to rely on copper phone lines for their internet connection which delivered around 10 or 20 Mbps. Another solution which is open to us is to install our own fibre network, connecting all the houses in a community to our own spine and then connecting that to CityFibre’s infrastructure.

Suffice to say that we may not be “big boys” but if you want broadband internet, we’ll find a way of getting it to you!

Alongside providing our own infrastructure, we provide the data too. Many other small ISPs simply buy plans at wholesale prices from the aforementioned big boys and resell the same products to their customers. This means that there is very little choice between ISPs who do this as they are all buying and selling the same white label deals.

Briant Broadband is different. We lease servers instead of buying packages, meaning that we get to set our own plans and prices. This gives us the kind of flexibility to be able to offer a range of different internet speeds, priced incrementally. You can change your plan any time you like to one which is better suited to your needs without incurring admin fees. We even allow you to pause your plan if you’re going to be away from home for 30 days or more, because we don’t believe you should pay for something if you’re not using it.

Briant Broadband also benefits from being a Worthing based business which prides itself on being local. We believe that it’s being a small enterprise which allows us to keep our eye on the ball. All of our staff live in the area, so we know our customers’ needs, the areas they live in, when Full Fibre is going to be installed if it’s not there already, and if not whether our wireless option would be more applicable until fibre is available.

That knowledge means that we are able to service our customers’ needs quickly and professionally. We promise to have you connected to the internet within 48 hours of your call or give you a month’s internet free. However, there are occasions where we’ve been able to get customers connected to broadband within 5 hours of them first sending us an enquiry via Facebook. But that’s not to say Facebook is the fastest way to reach us, you can send us an email, fill in the form on the website, or just give us a call yourself to arrange for an engineer to come and connect you to maximum speeds of up to 900 Mbps. If you’re with one of those ‘big boys’ and you’re not getting the speeds you’re expecting it may be possible to get out of your contract without incurring penalties, allowing you to come to us before your current contract expires.

So get in touch with Briant Broadband today and you will be enjoying Superfast broadband within 48 hours.


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