Who Are Briant Broadband?

broadband deals, superfast broadband, ultrafast broadband, contractless, contract free,Briant Broadband was established in 2020 to service a need which we had identified in Adur and Worthing; that of reliable, high speed, affordable wireless and Full Fibre broadband. We supply superfast wireless broadband with speeds up to 100 Mbps via receivers which we install within 48 hours of agreeing to take our service. So long as your home is in ‘line of sight’ with our transmitters in Worthing you will be able to receive first class superfast broadband.

If you want faster speeds, or you’re in a shadowed area where the masts can’t be seen then our Full Fibre superfast and ultrafast broadband packages are just what you’re looking for. With Full Fibre (powered by Cityfibre), that means installing fibre optic cable which goes uninterrupted from your home to the local exchange, so you get reliable, stable data at speeds up to 900 Mbps.

Briant Broadband offer a much larger range of broadband packages than our competitors, and there’s a reason for that. Because Briant Broadband are a truly independent data provider (we don’t just re-sell other another company’s product) we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We want our customers to be able to increase or decrease their data speeds depending on their use and budget. If you find that you’re service is actually too slow you can increase your speed with a call to our Worthing based offices. On the other hand if you feel you’re not using as much data as you expected you can cut down on your costs by choosing a lower speed option. ‘Good old fashioned local customer service’ is our watchword, so we do this for you without hassle, or admin fees.

Flexible plans, no contract, no hidden extras

So why the greater range of options? Well, it means that we’re able to offer more graduation in our packages. So if you’re on 500 Mbps you can drop down to 300 Mbps rather than having to fall all the way down to 150 Mbps or lower. And the same applies if you’re increasing your data, our range means you can come up a level without having to spend more than a few extra pounds a month.

Our flexibility means we’re also able to pause your plan. If you’re going to be away from home for thirty days or more then we can put a hold on your account with us so you won’t be charged for data you’re simply not using.

Unlike many of the other broadband providers who say they are ‘local’ because they have offices somewhere in southern England we are a genuinely Worthing based company, and we believe that being local makes all the difference. When you call us you won’t be speaking to call centre hundreds, or thousands of miles away, we are right on your doorstep. Being local gives us many advantages. As well as being able to promise to have our customers connected within 48 hours of agreeing to take up our service, we are also well positioned to resolve any issues incredibly quickly thanks to our team of engineers, all of whom live in or near Worthing.

Another advantage to our customers of not being simply a reseller of larger companies’ products, we have deployed our own infrastructure. This makes us responsible end to end rather than a pass-through service like most other local service providers. In addition, we have partnered with City Fibre to be the only genuinely local Internet Service Provider utilising their Full Fibre network which is currently being deployed in Worthing.

Briant Broadband is a new company, but that doesn’t mean that we’re new to the game. Our directors all have years of hands-on experience in installing fibre optic networks and wireless communication solutions, so they know what is deliverable and how it’s done. Together our directors and team of installation engineers have experience successfully establishing and servicing wireless and fibre networks here in the UK, throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and America.

What does all this mean to Briant Broadband customers?

This all means that our customers get an unrivalled choice of packages to suit both their broadband needs and the budget. They get fast installation, they get to speak to a neighbour who understands broadband incredibly well, instead of talking to a call centre based hundreds or even thousands of miles away. We promise to give our customers a month’s free broadband based on their choice of package if we don’t get them connected within 48 hours. And we are offering an introduce a friend incentive where both the new customer and the customer who introduced them will get a month’s data for free. And that offer is unlimited, so the more friends you introduce, the more free months you will receive.

Because we’re a wireless and Full Fibre broadband company we don’t charge line rental. What you see is the price you pay. And on top of that, we offer a price match on any genuine like-for-like offer from our competitors (so that excludes introductory prices and special offers). If you decide that you do want a land line phone from us though, we can do that too! We offer a ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) service to our customers too. Voip is an extra £10 per month, and means that you can get unlimited national calls free, and international calls at vastly reduced rates. If you have a number you don’t want to change you can keep it, or if you want an entirely new number, we can arrange that for you too.

Who are Briant Broadband’s customers?

Other than supplying wireless and Full Fibre Broadband and VOIP telephony services to Residential and Businesses customers, we specialise in providing bespoke Broadband solutions to landlords, property management companies & residents committees who are then able to include Broadband as part of the service package to their residents / tenants. That means being connected to Superfast and Ultrafast broadband as soon as a new resident moves in, so no having to look around for a new contract, and no having engineers from any number of companies needing access to homes and service areas. Instead, the property manager only deals with one trusted firm.

We are also fully accredited on the DCMS Rural Gigabit Scheme to connect rural UK.

If you want to do business with Briant Broadband, a small firm of experts who offer ‘good old fashioned local customer service’ we would love to hear from you, so call us on 01903 221999 or drop an email to info@briantbroadband.com


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