Intrusion And Anti-Social Behaviour At Worthing Washeteria Solved

Worthing Washeteria Services is a small independent laundrette with two properties in Sussex, one in Rustington and another in Worthing. The doors open automatically at 7am so patrons can come and go, taking care of their laundry themselves or requesting service washes. Staff are on site throughout the day, but not at evening closing, when the doors lock automatically at 8.30.

The problem was that local youths, with nothing else to do, and nowhere else to meet, were wedging the doors open at closing time and using the premises as a social club. This resulted in damage, dirt, and a risk of further escalation of criminal activity, such as theft, vandalism, drug dealing et cetera.

The owners were losing business due to the state that the premises were found in early in the morning, the staff were having to clean and maintain the properties instead of concentrating on their regular duties of washing, drying and taking care of their customers’ laundry.

The owners contacted Briant Communications for a solution to their problem. After visiting each of the properties we supplied and fitted a Texecom alarm system Ricochet wireless and Premier wired security sensors and Hikvision Pyronix wireless CCTV cameras and monitor.

These CCTV cameras offer all round coverage, provide HD images and allow the Washeteria to be monitored and locked or unlocked via the Texecom app while sensors and alarms will be triggered should there be a break-in.

After installation the instance of the premises being occupied out of hours has dropped to zero. There is no more damage being done or rubbish being left in the premises for staff to face each morning, and the owners are able to see if there are any problems when there is no member of staff on site. All this means that the owners of Washeteria’s two laundrettes are are able to offer a better service to their customers every day and can respond immediately should any problems arise in the future.

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