What’s Up Baby? The Smart Monitor Choices

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When they were first introduced Smart baby monitors were hacked thanks to their poor security and frequently used as an example for the necessity of keeping your internet security locked tight.

However, if you’re a new parent but you’re busy, your baby has a condition which means you prefer the peace of mind of watching over them or your family has experienced SIDS in the past then a Smart baby monitor is invaluable for your peace of mind.

Analogue baby monitors were passive devices, essentially a mic attached to a transmitter which you left in the room with the baby, and a receiver with a speaker which you put in the room where you were. All you could do with it was hear that the baby was breathing, or, if you invested in the top of the range baby monitors, you could talk back to the baby. The monitor that the parents kept with them often had indicator lights which would light up to indicate the sound of breathing, but that was it as far as visual and sonic alarms went.

Today Smart baby monitors have come along in leaps and bounds. Through using IoT technology and WiFi they monitor and report back to you on a number of indicators including sound, movement, breathing, and body temperature. This information is then relayed back to you via a table top unit, or a wearable watch style device, all from a clip on fob which you need to attach to your baby’s clothes or sensor which goes in the cot. That is of course if you don’t want any alerts to go to your phone, because you’ve set it to silent, because you’re trying to get the baby to sleep. These elements all connect via a Bluetooth network which extends up to 70 metres, making it possible to stroll around the house and garden without the worry of going out of range. The devices can all be controlled and monitored via an app which also lets parents review activity history.

If any of the vital signs change, such as an increase or decrease in breathing or heart rate, sudden movement or crying, then the Smart monitor will send you an alert via the wristwatch in the form of a vibrating alert, coloured icons and lights depending on the nature of the alarm. So if your little one is kicking and laughing you’ll get an entirely different alert to that which would inform you that they had stopped breathing or their body temperature had suddenly increased.

The Best Smart Baby Monitors Give Parents Unrivalled Control

Smart monitors are much more interactive than analogue units, so rather than just sending data, they allow you to input data too, such as feed times and when they were last changed. The unit can record sleep patterns, so if your baby tends to wake up, have a fidget, and go back to sleep around 4am then it can factor in that data. Activity can also be used to trigger other actions instead of alarms. Sounds the baby likes to hear or a nightlight can be switched on if they wake in the middle of the night, especially useful when you’re trying to get them to sleep through the night and you don’t want to go into their room every time they stir.

Recording the baby’s activity and bio-signs can be valuable data for G.P.s and paediatricians, so if your baby is unwell, either from a cold, flu, or an inborn condition keeping track of temperature, breathing and sleep can be important in formulating a treatment plan. The data is captured and stored in the Cloud where you can retrieve it whenever you want, or share it with medical staff if your child is under the care of a doctor. The data is raw and besides being stored in your account, no individual data is used to identify your child.
Different products offer different functionality. Some provide body sensors and pads you can put under the sheet, others attach to clothing. Many also offer video playback for those who prefer active monitoring, while others let you be more passive, getting on with things and only being alerted to changes rather than constantly observing your sleeping child. After all, the point of a baby monitor is that you’re not actually in the room with the child in the first place.

The Best Path To A Peaceful Night

Baby monitors are about getting your own life back into a new, settled routine as much as it is for helping your baby get into their new routine. Knowing that you’ll be told if anything happens in the baby’s room means that you can relax and stop worrying, get some well earned rest and sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that should anything happen that you need to know about there will be no delay in your being told.

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