What Are The Advantages To Contractless Broadband?

Image courtesy of https://www.freeimages.com/photo/working-woman-1440176 working from home, contractless broadband, wireless, full fibreWhen you’re looking for a new broadband deal one of the factors you have to bear in mind is the minimum contract period, and the terms of that contract. Why not forget about all that by taking up a contractless broadband deal?

When you’re tied into a broadband contract the minimum term of the contract will mean that you can’t go to another provider until that period is over. If you have no problems and get amazing customer service along with the best prices on the market then getting tied into a contract isn’t a problem. However, if you find a better deal or the quality of service isn’t everything you dreamed of then not being able to leave can be costly.

Most broadband internet providers offer contracts which are 12, 18, and 24 months long. You might be getting the best price for broadband at the beginning of the contract, but new offers from other companies and price increases from your own will make being in contract less and less appealing.

Why Not Choose A Broadband Provider Which Doesn’t Do Contracts?

Instead of getting tied into a contract it makes more sense for a lot of people to go contractless broadband instead. Most broadband ISPs don’t offer the flexibility of no contract plans. If you’re in a 24 month contract you pay for every month of those two years. If you want to change your plan you may be able to if it’s another of your current supplier’s deals, but you may have to pay admin fees or re-start another full term contract period from the date you change.

Contractless broadband puts you in the driving seat because you can take advantage of the flexibility inherent in the system. You can leave your plan whenever you like, change your plan or take a pause if you’re going to be away from home.

If you’re moving home you might want to take out a short-term deal just to get you to the end of your occupation. You could take your contract with you of course, but what if your current provider doesn’t serve the area you’re moving to? Students typically stay in a property for less than a year, so a year’s contract is far from perfect for them.

People in the Worthing area aren’t always permanent residents. If your property here isn’t your full time home you might not want to get annual or biennial contracts which mean you pay for internet you’re never going to use. A contractless broadband package means you can pause your internet when you leave the premises, and turn it back on when you’re staying in town again.

Contractless broadband deals mean not having to worry about getting the best deal first time too. If you end up needing faster broadband it’s easy to change your plan to one that delivers better speeds, on the other hand, if you need to budget or your household changes thanks to kids moving out for example, it’s no problem to choose a slower, less expensive plan. And you can do that with out admin fees too.

If your property isn’t currently connected to Full Fibre you may want to wait before signing up to a long term deal. A contractless broadband deal on wireless broadband is perfect in this situation as you can simply move to a new provider when they’re in your area. But did you know that Briant Broadband is partnered with CityFibre, the company tasked with the Full Fibre rollout in Sussex? That means that when Full Fibre comes to your area Briant Broadband will be one of the broadband internet service providers you can choose from. You still get to choose from the same outstanding prices, plans and friendly local expert customer service.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Contractless Broadband Data Plan?

It’s hard to see that there are any. The performance you get in terms of speed and the technology available is exactly the same as with a contract. You don’t have to pay line rental, or admin fees if you change your plan, so the prices you see are the prices you pay, no hidden extras.

There are other providers who offer different products, however, competition in the market means that they are having to adjust their offering to conform with the flexible no-contract deals that companies like Briant Broadband are offering. In the past no-contract deals were more expensive for comparable contract deals, installation could be expensive, and you would likely have to pay for equipment such as routers.

Briant Broadband offers contractless broadband deals that are better than most, if not all of the deals that you can get with a contract. And what’s more, we promise to price match any genuine like-for-like price (excluding special offers and introductory deals). We don’t charge line rental, admin fees, leaving penalties, or any other hidden extras.

Briant Broadband is currently offering an introductory discount too. If you choose 150 Mbps Full Fibre broadband you’ll only pay £24.00 for the first six months. After that introductory period is over the monthly fee goes up to £28.00 per month, which is still better than many other companies offer for that speed!

To see if your address can be connected to Full Fibre right away, simply click here to submit your details. To find out more visit our home page, or call 01903 221999 to talk to one of our friendly, expert customer service team.

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