Flat Screen Television Wall Hanging Service By Skilled Engineers In Burgess Hill

Flat Screen Televisions Professionally Hung By Experts in Sussex, Surrey and Hants

While DIY is one of Britain’s favourite pastimes, there are some things which are best left to the experts. If you live in Burgess Hill then why not get your flat screen TV set professionally mounted on the wall instead of taking a chance yourself?

Flat screen TVs are getting bigger, with better definition and with the capacity to play film and TV from any source. However, one of the drawbacks of having a large flat screen television is that it can be too big to stand on a desk, table or shelf, it could be unstable, and the screens are far more fragile than the old fashioned TV sets from years ago.

As they are big, fragile and unstable the best thing to do with many large format flat screen TVs is to hang them on the wall. A securely fixed TV isn’t in danger of being knocked down, having wires pulled or tripped over, or being scratched by children or pets. But hanging your TV on the wall isn’t an easy job. Just getting it straight can be a hassle, as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to put shelves up yourself!

Televisions Mounted On All Types Of Wall In Burgess Hill

And because there are so many different building styles and materials in Burgess Hill it’s important to talk to someone who knows how to install a TV on the different types of walls we find in the Burgess Hill area. It doesn’t matter if it’s plasterboard, brick, stone or breezeblock, the Briant’s team of experienced, knowledgeable home entertainment engineers all have the skills you need for a safe, secure, professional installation.

So why not invest in getting your brand new HDTV mounted on the wall by professional home entertainment installation professionals? The Briant Communications staff all have years of experience installing all kinds of home audio visual entertainment systems from TVs and sound systems to smart home security systems in the Worthing area. No job is too big, nor too small. For really big televisions we can send a team to handle the installation. All of whom are insured, and our work is guaranteed. This means that if there ever was an accident (there never has been yet!) it’s us who are liable, not you. If the TV gets dropped, scratched, smashed or falls off the wall it’s our responsibility to put it right as soon as possible.

Flat Screen TV Hanging To Suit Your Budget

We offer several options when we hang your flat screen TV for you, depending on your budget and the type of wall we’re hanging the television on. This ranges from basic mounting where we attach the TV to a bracket and a bracket to the wall, through to recessed installation where the screen and all surround sound speakers are inset flush to the wall itself. We always try to finish every job as neatly and tidily as possible, but we're engineers and not painters and decorators, and that's why we recommend AJG Interiors to take care of the finishing touches for our customers.

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