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The latest revolution in television technology has been the flat screen. Before that, the TV was a large, deep piece of furniture which was best suited for the corner of a room. Today flastscreen television sets are lightweight enough to be put on shelves or hung on walls like pictures. This means that you can put them where you want and freeing up space around the home.

However, if you’re not a DIY expert, wall hanging a large screen TV can be daunting to say the least. What if you don’t put the screws in deep enough? What if it isn’t straight? What do you do about the wires? What if the wall isn’t strong enough to carry the television and there’s a risk it could fall off?

Briant Communications have a long history of electronic, home AV, cabling, satellite and aerial installation experience and they now offer a TV mounting service which involves the correct positioning and safe installation on almost any wall. We’ll locate studs, voids, power cables and pipes before we carry out any work. We’ll carry out a risk assessment to ensure that the wall is strong enough to take the weight of your television and, using state of the art fixings, mount it up.

Hang TV Mounting Safely And Securely In Any Location

Whether you’re interested in hanging your flatscreen TV at home, in your bar, restaurant, waiting room, office space or reception area, one of our team can place and fit your television in the space of a few hours with the minimum fuss, mess or interference with your routine.

Not only do we hang the TV, but we also offer helpful advice and service when it comes to the best solution to your cable needs. Should you require simple trunking (conduit) to keep the wires from view, or if you’d prefer they were built into the wall with a custom built recess, those are also services we provide.

Each of our engineers is skilled and experienced in all aspects of TV hanging. Our fleet of vans is each fully equipped with all the tools and durables that any installation is likely to require of them. We provide the market-leading brackets, cables and accessories usually found in high-end retail stores, along with unbeatable bespoke customisation, tailored specifically to your exacting requirements. Call now for a home visit to get a quote and discuss how and where you would like to put your home entertainment centre.


End-to-End Support

The most important factor behind TV hanging is to ensure reliability and stability take centre stage. That’s why our expert engineers provide complete installation reliability, including:

  • Proper Placement and Mounting
  • Hiding the Cables in Trunking (Conduit)
  • Embedding Cables with Walls
  • Using Plaster Filler for Repairs
  • And More

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Each of our highly-trained engineers has all the experience needed to properly hang your flatscreen TV. Each of them carry all the necessary tools, equipment, and hardware to do it right the first time. We provide market-leading TV mounting brackets, cables and accessories, along with unbeatable bespoke customisation.

What’s more, we can hang a wide range of today’s most popular TV styles and sizes, including LCD, LED, OLED and even plasma; all to give you the best viewing experience and most reliable stability for your television.

When you contact Briant Communications, our expert technicians will provide the exceptional service you’d expect for a premier company. From wall mounting an LCD TV screen over your personal wet bar, to sharing sporting events with your patrons, we’ve got the tools, training and experience to make it happen.

Contact us today on 01273 465377 and we’ll be ready to draw up an installation plan that suits your space, your budget and your vision for the future.

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