TV Aerial Installation & Repair

We have a wide team of engineers across the South East of England between Brighton, Southampton and London that can repair, or if this isn’t viable, install a brand new, robust digital TV Aerial, ensuring you have the strongest signal possible. If you believe your home is in a low signal area, we have a number of solutions to help you get optimum TV signal.

We Install & Repair:

Freeview TV Aerials
FM & DAB Radio TV Aerials
Splitters & Cabling
Hi-Gain TV Aerials
TV Signal Amplifiers
Indoor & Loft TV Aerials
TV Sockets & Inputs
Communal TV Aerial Systems

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Briant came and fixed a broken aerial, they were on time and the installer was very friendly. Shame about the weather though!Charlie Craigs, Eastbourne

Why is your equipment malfunctioning?

TV Aerial

There are many reasons why your TV Aerial equipment may be malfunctioning and it is hard to tell what is causing the issue without taking a look at your equipment and set-up. Reasons can be anywhere from water in the cabling, foliage or structures blocking the line of signal, TV Aerials moving out of alignment and more.

Before opting to call us out to take a look at the fault, there are a few things that we recommend you try that may just temporarily fix the issue. You can try, re-tuning your TV, simply turning your devices on and off or remove any possible foliage from the line of signal.

If the problem is due to faulty equipment, our engineers carry every tool needed to be able to fix or replace the part. However, sometimes the TV Aerial cannot be fixed and when this is the case our engineers will be able to provide you with a quote to replace the current TV Aerial and providing that you are happy with the price, proceed to replace it then and there so your TV viewing is back to normal before we leave.

Our engineers will…

An engineer will visit you at an agreed time-slot. Upon arrival he will carry out a survey and find the problem that you are experiencing if you aren’t already aware.

Once our engineer has isolated the cause of your degraded or lost service he will provide you with a price to repair the problem. If you instruct our engineer to proceed he will fix the problem, tidy up after himself and demonstrate your system working, 9 times out of 10 on the same day.*

We always treat your home with respect and will be as unobtrusive as possible while working with you.