The Smartest Gifts To Give This Christmas

It’s less than a month until the last Christmas day of the decade, and of course that means we’re going to give you Briant Communications‘ recommendations for the best Smart Tech Automated Home devices which are currently available.

Smart technology really is a practical application for many people as it allows almost unlimited management through very simple interfaces that almost anybody can use. If you’re able to speak or use a touch screen then you’re probably going to be able to control many, if not most Smart home devices, making them perfect no only for the too-busy-to-do-stuff but those with disabilities and who may not have the strength to get up every time they need to answer the door, turn on a light or adjust the heating.

Ring Peephole Camera and Doorbell

First on our list of brilliant Christmas innovations is the Ring Peephole Camera. The Peephole Camera and Doorbell attaches to your pre-existing spy hole and lets you see whoever it is who’s knocking on your door. The benefits of the spyhole camera over other entry cameras are that it is mounted inside your home, so it can’t be knocked off or damaged, accidentally or by anyone wanting to prevent you from knowing who they are. If you live in a rental property you may not be allowed to attach devices to the outside of the property, but you’ll likely already have a peephole if you don’t have an intercom or entry phone. The camera works on Alexa so you can watch the stream on your Amazon smart display, talk to whoever’s at the door before answering, and even open the door remotely if you’ve got Alexa enabled smart locks too.


Kwikset Kevo Convert Smart Lock

Next on the list is the item mentioned above, the Alexa enabled Smart lock. These range in style and design from sleek and elegant to blocky and robust, but all essentially offer the same features: the ability to secure your home, or unlock the doors using your key, Alexa command, or proximity of a phone. One of the best is the Kwikset Kevo Convert which replaces only the inner lock, making installation and replacement particularly simple, and you don’t need to change your keys. It automatically opens as you approach, and locks again after 30 seconds, and you can send e-keys to your friends to use on their smart phones.


Ubiquiti Nanostation

For people with bigger homes who need Wi-Fi to connect a variety of outbuildings, remote locations, and nodes the Ubiquiti Point to Point and Point to MultiPoint Wi-Fi transmitters are a great way to extend your wi-fi range this Christmas. These devices allow you to forgo a cable to an outhouse, workshop, barn conversion or multiple Smart wireless security devices, instead they beam a signal from a transmitter to a receiver, or several receivers, allowing you internet access, CCTV cameras and motion detectors, as well as all your wireless entertainment devices wherever you need them, no matter how far they are from your internet router.


Lumsing USB Adaptor

Another device which you’re going to find you have a lot more need of moving further into the 21st century is a USB multiport adapter. End the faff of trying to plug several electronic devices into your computer, or charge one at a time with USB adapters which only have a single terminal. Investing in a multiport adapter means that you can charge or run a plethora of different devices at once, hopefully without having to swap all the cables around every time you need to plug something else in.


LG Wireless Speaker

One of the devices which sync perfectly with long range remote Wi-Fi is a wireless / Bluetooth speaker. They’re small, robust, but produce a quality of sound which belies their diminutive stature. And they’re good for so much more than just playing music in the garden or bathroom. If your speaker happens to be connected to your phone when you’re listening to music at the beach or in the park you’re able to make a hands-free call to your friends to really get the party started. And if you do happen to be on the beach you don’t have to be too careful. Most models available today are resistant to grit, sand and have a certain level of water resistance. They’re made to be enjoyed on the move after all, so they range from the splash resistant right through to those which will survive total immersion.


If you’ve got any questions about how Smart Home Automation can help you around the house this Christmas, how Smart burglar alarms and CCTV cameras can help with your home security, or about extending WiFi into your garden, give Briant Communications a call on 01273 465377 for a free, no obligation survey and cost estimate

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