The Smarter The Home, The Bigger & Better The Broadband

ultrafast broadband, broadband, internet, dataWe love all things Smart Home, and have jumped fully aboard the Smart Home Automation revolution. But there is one drawback: You need a broadband subscription if your automated kit is going to work. With most suppliers that comes with the hidden fee of a phone line rental, and then, if you want to operate your Smart Tech remotely you need data for your phone as well, which means another data hungry contract.

While we can’t help with the phone contract, Briant Broadband can help with the data in your home!

Briant Broadband is a new data supply company operating two minutes walk from Worthing town centre which offers a local service based on delivering ultrafast broadband data at an competitive price point but with the benefit of experience and customer service that you only get a family run Worthing business with engineers and installers who live in the area.

More and more Smart devices are coming to the market all the time, many of them appear frivolous but, like most technology, the opportunities and benefits they hold only becomes apparent with use and familiarity. A Smart watering monitor for your garden might seem to be an over application of technology at first, but the precisely measured moisture in the soil means that it only waters the lawn for exactly the right amount of time, so you don’t end up with a quagmire from leaving the sprinkler on too long, or a parched desert in September if you don’t water enough.

Green Technology

The Smart Sprinkler is really just an extreme example of the “brilliant ideas, when you think about it” that comes from Smart Home Automation. There are many applications which depend on Smart technology, and therefore a strong, reliable internet connection which help make modern life so much more liveable.

Smart Home Security cameras and alarms do so much more than CCTV monitors and alarms used to. First of all, they are much more affordable, meaning that anyone with a home, shed, barn, garage or workshop can afford to protect their goods with cameras equipped not only with night vision, but motion sensors, microphones and speakers so you can even talk to the people you see, whether they’re a burglar, a neighbour popping round, or a delivery driver who’s looking for the best place to put your package if you’re not able to make it to the door.

Smart Homeowners Get Smart Security

Professionally installed Smart Home Security devices will be so placed that they can’t be removed or damaged without capturing images of who is destroying them, and the audio visual data isn’t stored on site, it’s sent to you to watch on a phone or computer, stored in the cloud, or both. But don’t worry if the only place where they can be reasonably placed covers an area of public footpath or road; screen selection means that you can programme the camera to ignore movement in a particular area of the camera’s field of vision so you don’t get alerted to everybody who walks past. You’ll only be notified, and recording will only begin when they pass from a public area into your private property.

In order to function seamlessly your Smart Home Entertainment equipment will need more and more data with the more devices you add to your network. Nobody wants to be watching a movie only to have it freeze or glitch because someone in another part of the house started a routine, started streaming a movie, or playing an online game. Of course it’s nowhere near as bad as the days of dialup where you’d wait five times the length of the movie as it downloaded, only to have to start all over again if someone interrupted the data by making a phone call. nevertheless, it’s still frustrating to have to fit in your enjoyment of the internet around someone else. And that’s why ultrafast broadband is so good. Briant Broadband is available in a range of packages, from one that’s suitable for a single home user right through to a data hungry family, and what’s more, because we’re a small company, we’re adaptable too, so if you sign up for one contract but you never come close to reaching your monthly limit, or you reach it within the first week of every month we’re more than happy to change your plan, or even tailor a plan just for you if you can’t find a suitable package from those we already offer.

For more information on Briant Broadband, Smart Home Security or Smart Home Automation visit the Briant Communications website.

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