Why Choose Briant Broadband Superfast Wireless?

superfast wireless, wireless broadband, worthing broadband, sussex broadband, worthing wirelessBriant Broadband is the only truly local Worthing based broadband internet service provider, offering superfast wireless or Full Fibre solutions to everyone in the wider Adur and Worthing area.

Briant Broadband are partnered with Cityfibre, who are currently installing and connecting homes in Worthing, but what if you’re not in one of the towns or villages at the top of their list for installation?

That’s where Briant Broadband’s Superfast Wireless comes in!

Homes and businesses which aren’t due to be connected to Full Fibre in the immediate future could easily and quickly be connected to Briant Broadband’s superfast wireless service instead. Many of the people who come within our coverage area have never been well served by the best known internet service providers before. Slow connection, unreliable service and high prices have been a problem for people of the South Downs for some time, but Briant Broadband aims to put an end to that.

Instead of connecting you to the internet via a phone line or fibre optic cable if you choose wireless we can install a receiver in next to no time. And once you’re connected you’ll be able to receive up to 200 Mbps (depending on the wireless plan you choose) meaning that you’ll be able to stream movies, download music, share files and browse the internet faster than you ever have before!

Unique Plans For Adur, Worthing and Beyond

We currently offer two products via our wireless connection for properties which can’t get Full Fibre yet: up to 100 Mbps for £22.00 pre month or up to 200 Mbps for £40.00 per month. If you’ve been underserved by your current broadband internet service provider up until now you’ll be amazed at what your computer, phone and Smart Home devices are able to do when this much data is available.

Because Briant Broadband is a small, local company we’re able to recognise and react to the very specific needs of the people in our area. We know that the main broadband companies didn’t pay enough attention to smaller towns and villages in West Sussex and we aim to solve that. We WILL bring you Full Fibre when it’s feasible, but in the meantime we are making amazing speeds available so you’re not left behind.

And because we’re a local business friendly, expert customer service is very much within our remit. Part of that is ensuring our customers receive satisfaction as quickly as possible. That’s why we introduced our ‘Challenge Us’ promise. If we can’t connect you to the internet within 48 hours of your call to us, we’ll give you a month’s broadband for free.

What’s more, we’re so confident that you’ll love the service you receive from us that we’re giving away a month’s data free with every friend that you recommend. Once your friend or neighbour comes aboard we’ll give both of you a month’s broadband free of charge.

For more information on all Briant Broadband plans, including wireless and Full Fibre visit us at briantbroadband.com email info@briantbroadband.com or call on 01903 221999

When Social Media Isn’t The Smart Answer For DIY Jobs

DIY smart devices, wireless, speakerBeing interested in all manner of smart home automation and IoT devices I’m naturally a member of several Facebook groups dedicated to the subject. Some are informative and worth staying with, some are a waste of time and better left rather than letting them annoy you unduly.

In one of these groups a question was asked by Danny: “So I was wondering anyone has done this or knows if it is possible. I use Google home across my house and I want to put approx 6 speakers in my ceiling and link them back to the Google home so the music plays through them. Does this involve taking the Google home apart and soldering new wires for the speakers ?

Now, I know social media is a great way to get tips, advice and help for a range of different DIY subjects, so I’m not criticising the original poster for that, but if you’re thinking of taking your electronic devices apart and soldering peripherals onto it, there’s a chance you might just void your warranty. Oh, and you might just add the risk of fire or electrocution if you’re an amateur permanently adding additional cable to your electronic devices. Read more

What You Should Be Putting On Your Wireless Wishlist

With Christmas coming, what could be a better time to start thinking about your IoT and wireless enabled Smart home? With so many Internet of Things devices available, and your Christmas list still looking scant, maybe ‘new tech’ should be your standard answer whenever anyone asks what you want. Better to ask for a smart home hub and get a smart switch than saying ‘Oh, I don’t know, anything you get me would be lovely’ and ending up with another ugly Christmas jumper.

With Smart home technology you can take complete control of a vast range of different gadgets and consumer durables from anywhere on earth with an internet connection. Or you can sit in the comfort of your own front room and control everything from blinds, lights, air conditioning and heating, CCTV and an intercom, all by simply calling out and telling the house what you want it to do. (If you’re struggling to justify the cost of replacing perfectly good tech that you bought five minutes ago which isn’t Smart, offset the cost by selling your superannuated goods on Gumtree or eBay. You make a bit of the money back, save landfill and someone gets some lovely gadgets for a great price.) Read more