Not Connected To Full Fibre Yet? Wireless Broadband Could Be For You

wireless, wireless broadband, superfast broadband, broadband, internet, ISPSure you’ve heard of Wi-Fi, but it’s not the same thing as Wireless broadband. Wi-Fi is the process by which you send and receive internet data between your computer, connected devices, Smart TV and phone when you’re not using your data allowance. Wireless broadband on the other hand is the way your internet service provider gets data to your house if Full Fibre or Fibre to the Cabinet aren’t currently available in your area.

How Does Wireless Internet Work?

Wireless is different from Wi-Fi, 4g or GSM (the mobile phone network) as it does a different job using different technology. Wireless is deployed in areas, such as remote rural areas as it is an cost effective alternative to laying fibre optic cables or installing phone transmitters which might provide coverage which will only reach a few customers. Instead of having phone masts put up, these remote areas have internet ‘beamed’ to them via a mast which the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) installs and trains on the area they wish to cover. So long as you can get ‘line of sight’ between the receiver which the ISP provides and their transmitter, you will be able to get high speed broadband. The speeds you can get may not be as fast as Full Fibre or Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), but they will certainly be far better than anything which was previously available using old copper phone infrastructure. Read more