Why Buy A Smartwatch? All Your Apps On Your Wrist

Smartwatch Photo courtesy of Maxpixel.netEach watch and phone/computer manufacturer seem to be making their own versions of the Smartwatch. They’re convenient, user friendly, and absolutely packed with functions.

Wristwatches were only invented just over a century ago. Having a watch which you could just glance at to tell the time was critically important to men in the trenches who previously had to dig about in their tunics to find their fob watches to see whether it was time to launch an assault or expect a barrage of artillery fire.

Since then the wristwatch has always been something of a status symbol. Rolex and Cartier made the watch a statement piece, more jewellery than a practical means of keeping track of the time, but with mobile phones the popularity of watches was beginning to wane. There was no point having a watch if you had the time, a calendar and alarm clock all available on your phone. However, the reason why the wristwatch was invented became important again. Digging around in your pockets or trying to find your phone at the bottom of your bag is inconvenient, and having all that functionality on your wrist just makes sense.

Keep All Your Apps Close At Hand

Because we use our mobile phones for so much more than just making calls it makes sense to be able to have an interface somewhere upon us that is easy to get to. So what are the benefits of having a smart watch instead of simply taking your phone out every time it beeps? Read more

When Is The Best Time To Buy A New TV

flat screen TV, flatscreen television, TV hanging, Back in the days of analogue television changes came slowly. The leap from black and white to colour only took 31 years, and it was only another 40 years before the start of the Digital Changeover in 2007. Cathode ray technology itself didn’t really change either. It was possible to watch colour broadcasts on an old black and white TV, and you probably still can if you can find a digital box with a coax output, but things are very different with digital technology.

Today things are rather different. The rush to develop the blackest, flattest, richest colour flattest screen is something that drives all television manufacturers to create new ranges of TV every year. So when is the best time to buy a new flat screen TV? Read more