Your Top Tips To Identifying The Cause Of Poor TV Reception

poor aerial installationBriant Communications get dozens of calls regarding poor TV reception, pixelation, and channels dropping out while others remain fine. Since we’re in the business of installing and maintaining satellite dishes and aerial antennae it’s no problem for us to send one of our engineers to look at the problem and fix it, but that’s not always necessary.

It really helps us if you could trouble-shoot before calling us. Many problems are solved simply by turning equipment off and on again, or by re-initiallising your TV or Freeview box. Depending on the make and model this process can be started by simply turning the device off at the mains for a few moments. Once you power on again you’ll be told that the channels have changed, and do you want to re-scan for channels? Select ‘Yes’ and let it do its thing. (Pro tip, if you hate shopping channels, sports, or those seedy ‘dating’ channels, take this opportunity to delete them, that way, next time you’re scrolling through you’ll be able to see the channels you like without being bothered by the ones you don’t ever again.) Read more