Summer Sounds Perfect For Outdoor Home Audio

If we’re going to be living in our gardens this summer it’s worth looking at outdoor smart home audio.

Summer’s almost here, but it doesn’t look like the wisest decision will be to fly away to foreign climes. What with the queues at the gates for Spain, Portugal, France or Italy and the threat of unknown Covid variants further afield it might be wiser just to stay at home, even after having been unable to stray too far from one’s front door for over a year! 

But if you’re going to be spending the summer at home, how do you glam up your garden to make it somewhere you’ll want to spend time?

We’ve spoken a lot about Smart Home Security, about how Point to Point and Point to Multipoint network extenders can be used to facilitate a tranche of Smart security cameras around your grounds, home, outbuildings and workshops, but don’t forget, that bandwidth is equally capable of supporting Smart Home Entertainment, including home audio and home cinema. Smart technology can even be applied to your garden maintenance, steering robot lawnmowers around your greens and smart water management can ensure that those greens stay green without wasting water.

Outdor Smart Home Audio, All The Features And Every Bit As Controlable As Indoor

Professionally installed Smart Home Audio technology is easily controlled via a phone, smart speaker, wall mounted touchpad. Synch it with your Spotify or Deezer accounts and you can listen to pre-curated playlists, albums, genres or performers, switching from each with a simple swipe of your finger or voice command. It’s simple to combine it with smart outdoor lighting too, so if you’re in need of mood lighting for a romantic night under the stars you can turn it down low, or if you’re entertaining use coloured lights to add atmosphere.

Extending the range of your home broadband also makes it possible to build or convert existing buildings into home cinemas. The great thing about a detached home cinema is that you can use it for other purposes than just watching movies. If you have trouble concentrating while you work from home what better way to achieve peace and quiet than to decamp to the bottom of the garden and lock yourself away with no distractions and a big screen to work on? Zoom meetings are much easier if you’re away from the household too. Getting away from extraneous noise, distractions and the possibility of loved ones walking in and out of frame, shouting at one another, pets or even partners holding their own meetings with colleagues is not only the professional thing to do, it helps you to clearly define your work area and ‘on the clock’ time and the time that you’re off the clock and able to relax and enjoy your own home in peace.

Adaptability Makes Smart Home Audio Invaluable

And naturally, if you have kids and you want to enjoy your home in peace when your work is done, why not send them outside to watch noisy movies, play online games, and listen to all the music they like while they leave you to the comforts afforded by your own home? If the past year has taught us anything it’s that our families and ‘bubbles’ are all important when we have to gang together to get through an unprecedented international emergency, but we still need space and time to ourselves.

Smart TVs and casting along with Bluetooth audio devices mean that you can do anything in your poolhouse, workshop or mancave that you can do indoors provided you’ve got a fast enough point to PtoP or PtoMP extender, or you can watch any of your satellite subscriptions by installing an additional TV socket.

Briant Communications are profesional installers of Smart Home Security cameras and alarms, Smart Home Audio, Point to Point digital WiFi extenders, Flat Screen TVs, and additional TV sockets. If you’d like help with any or all of the ideas behind adding Smart Home Audio to your garden, poolhouse, garage, shed, barn or workshop then give us a call on 01273 465377 or email us on to request a free, no obligation consultation and cost estimate.

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