Using Smart Technology To Cut Costs Around The Home

Woman using a digital heating control panelAs well as saving you time, smart home devices can cut costs and save you money too, and while the initial outlay is still higher than other household goods which haven’t been smart-enabled, those prices are falling, meaning that barrier to entry is becoming an ever lower bar.

Smart thermostats by Nest and Hive and lighting controls such as Philips Hue can turn the boiler or lights on and off more efficiently than timers or traditional thermostats because of the intelligent software which they contain. Lights which shut themselves off after a brief interval of inactivity are incredibly annoying, leaving you waving your arms about in the dark waiting for the sensor to see you, so why not use highly efficient energy saving LED bulbs which you can either turn on and off from your phone or program to go off when you leave a room, either as part of an IFTTT sequence or using the location of your phone if you’re leaving the house.

Taking The Heat Off Your Household Expenses

Setting up the skill may take a little trial and error at first, until you find a perfect mix, especially if you live with a partner and kids and the lights go off every time you leave a room, plunging the rest of the family into darkness! However, once you get it right you should see energy savings rolling in once lights are no longer left on. The same with the heating. Traditional thermostats can control the temperature perfectly adequately especially if you have a very predictable routine, but if the weather is changeable and you never really know when you’re going to be home thanks to your busy schedules, a Smart thermostat can cut costs. You can set the heating when you’re 10 minutes from home, instead of 10 minutes from when you should be home if you didn’t have to commute. And if you forget to turn the heating off when you’re on your way out you can turn it off from the train, car or even while you wait for a plane.

Cutting The Cost Of Cooking

Smart kitchen appliances really help with keeping costs down too. Imagine a washing machine which could weigh your clothes, estimate the optimum water consumption and the energy needed to heat that water to get your clothes clean at minimal cost. Or an oven which could calculate the time and temperature needed to cook a joint based on its weight and turn itself off once it was done. Electrolux, Miele, Bosch and Hotpoint are all currently making white goods which can do just this, and much more. So while you might not want to dash out and invest in a new kitchen today, one day you’ll be looking for a new appliance, and chances are it will be Smart.

Those would be the most obvious places where money could be saved by automating a device’s operation, yet there are other less obvious places where money can be saved. Smart blinds by Duette or Thomas Sanderson are a much cheaper way of keeping the house cool in summer than air conditioning. They can be linked to the thermostat so that they come down when the house gets to a certain temperature, as can Smart windows which will open to let cool fresh air in. If you need air conditioning to cool the home, this, naturally, can be controlled by smart technology too. Just like the heating, it can be controlled from anywhere in the world or left to take care of itself.

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