How To Get The Best Out Of Your Smart Home Security By Adding Additional Alarms

There’s very little difference between  Smart alarm systems and CCTV security as far as installation and effect is concerned. Either will alert you to the fact that there is an emergency on your property or in your house. In the past a security system linked to a burglar alarm would have meant installing cable, sensors and a big ugly box on the outside of your home which would scream and flash whenever the alarm was triggered. Today installation is nothing like as hard thanks to Smart Home Security systems, while coverage and adaptability are greatly improved.

Your Smart Home Alarm differs from your Smart Home Security only insomuch as your alarm system will let you and the intruder know audibly when someone triggers the security system you have protecting your property. Smart security will alert you to break-ins, intruders on your land, take video footage of them and, depending on your set-up, let emergency services know. However, there’s no reason why the two systems can’t be synchronised so that anything that happens in your home late at night or while you’re away will trigger an alert to let you, your burglar, and the police know.

So, while your old fashioned alarm system had a panel by the front door which you would need to arm whenever you left the house and input your disarming code when you came home your smart alarm can be controlled from a panel on the wall, a Smart Home hub, or from your smartphone via an app. With geofencing, technology which lets your smart home know where you are by tracking your phone, you can automatically arm the alarm every time you leave the house and disarm it when you come home again without needing to touch the control panel. Friends, family, carers or other trusted parties can be added to your approved list so they can let themselves in in case of emergency without setting off the alarm.

Your Alarm System Isn’t Only There To Deter Burglars And Intruders

If your alarm is activated there are a number of different ways you will be alerted to it, depending on what’s occurring. If it’s a fire, smoke or carbon monoxide you will hear an audible alarm, and get a text message letting you know what and where the problem is. If it’s a break in, depending on your alarm monitoring service, you may receive a text message with or without an audible alarm sounding in the home, and if you’re subscribed to a monitoring service they will be made aware and will try to get in touch with you. If they aren’t able to contact you, or you confirm that whoever is in the house is an intruder they then call 999 on your behalf.

Paying for an alarm monitoring subscription isn’t for everyone but offers the highest level of protection. Should any of your alarms sound or sensors be triggered the information will be relayed to an agent who will then try to contact you to confirm whether or not the alarm has been triggered by mistake or there is a genuine emergency. If they can’t get hold of you via text or phone they will then call the appropriate emergency services. This human element ensures that all your alarms are answered while the police, fire and ambulance services aren’t alerted to false alarms.

Keeping The Wrong People Out, And Letting The Right People In

If your Smart Alarm and home security system also includes access control you can set it to unlock all the doors in the event of an emergency, meaning that you can evacuate the home easily and safely in the event of fire or smoke, and the emergency services can gain access, because if you’ve taken the care to install an alarm system, you’ll no doubt have had a solid door fitted. Having that door unlocked when the fire brigade arrive could mean they save valuable minutes when it comes to getting you or your family out of a burning building.

Because Smart Alarm systems make use of wireless technology they’re much easier to install than the old fashioned systems. It’s simple to add to and expand your alarm coverage with additional motion sensors, door and window sensors, smoke and fire detectors since they generally only need adhesive pads or a few screws to attach in place. However, the hub which is the core of your alarm and security system is better fitted by a professional when you first install your chosen system. Getting a professional consultation means that you will be starting off with the best devices for your needs and budget from the outset and they can take car of the installation and set-up meaning that all you have to do is learn the controls without having to do any DIY.

Simplicity Is The Key To Home Security And Safety

The controls are incredibly straightforward for most devices. On your touchscreen panel you simply have to turn the alarms on or off, or select specific devices you want to arm or disarm. If you’re using voice control you simply have to tell the alarm system what you want to do, and it takes care of itself. This is useful for anybody, however, it’s especially useful for those who are elderly, infirm, or have a mobility issue which restricts their movement. If you do have mobility issues or you’re hoping to ‘age in place’ for as long as possible then Smart alarm systems give you a peace of mind that makes these things easier. Because as well as all the burglar, intruder, fire and gas alarms you can set up skills and buy devices which detect when you have a fall, and can also tell if you fall and don’t get up again. You can also use your voice controls to call for assistance if you can’t get to a phone or your personal alarm fob.

There are different levels of monitoring you can have. You can choose to do it all yourself, so your alarms will go off in the house and you’ll get an alert to the fact via a Push message. Push messages are like SMS but it will pop up with an audible alert, but unlike an email or text message it won’t get lost among the other messages, instead it will sit on your home screen until you either click on it or delete it yourself.

The opposite of dealing with your own alerts is the subscription service where an operative will be looking out for alerts and will call you or the emergency services in the event of an alarm being triggered, and finally there’s the Pay as You Go option, meaning that you take up a short term subscription so all your alarms are monitored while you’re away on vacation or otherwise unable to check on your own alerts for a specific period.

Get In Touch With Briant Communications For Comprehensive Smart Home Solutions

It’s a good idea to contact a professional installer if you’re interested in having any devices installed at height. Overhead working can lead not only to damage to the equipment if you drop it or attach it incorrectly, it can lead to severe personal injury. Briant Communications are fully insured, not only for the goods they provide, but for your property and person too. Get in touch with us by calling 01273 465377 or by filling in the details on our Contact Us page.

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