Home Automation Technology Installed By Experts In Worthing

Smart home systems are one of the latest innovations in home improvement and renovation projects, especially in Worthing. We at Briant Communications see how Smart Technology and connected devices help around the home and realise that this latest Smart automation technology could be built in, creating a Smart Ecosystem which would work intuitively with us and our surroundings.

There are many Smart automation devices and Smart Home accessories out there on the Home Automation market. Some are useful, helpful and practical. Some not so much. That’s why Briant Communications are here to help. Our professional installation engineers are experts in the latest Smart Home Automation technology who can talk you through everything they can do, from the basics right through to complete connected home installation.

Smart Devices For Help Around The Automated Home

The best thing about Smart Home Technology is the help it gives you around the house with just about everything. For the elderly of Worthing who want to age in place with independence and dignity it can make little tasks so much easier, remembering to do things in case you forget, to calling for help if you get into trouble. For younger people with an active lifestyle it can help keep energy costs down through more efficient heating controls, including smart thermostats and Smart Lighting. Smart home heating controls adjust every room individually, only coming on when you tell it to, while lighting control can be used in conjunction with your smart security systems to illuminate shadowy areas when motion is detected or when sound is detected. Smart home sensors can trigger smart home cameras to record and send images to your phone or computer wherever you are, so you can see or even speak to anyone in your house.

To get the most out of your smart home equipment it’s a great idea to call in smart home professionals as they know all the latest devices and gadgets, what’s a worthwhile investment and what might only be a flash-in-the-pan. Smart home installation companies will give you all the information you need to start your smart home improvements, so if you’re a casual connected devices buyer looking for the best way to take advantage of the latest technology, or an architect looking for the latest technology trends with a mind to install them throughout new buildings, renovations and extensions then get in contact with Briant Communications.

Smart Technology Systems In Worthing And Throughout The South East

Briant Communications are a Connected Homes installation company based in Worthing. We’ve been in operating in the south east for over 30 years’ now, gaining experience installing electronics, home audio, and entertainment equipment. That experience, knowing our clients’ needs, and the latest trends in home improvement has placed us perfectly to become CEDIA members. CEDIA are the trade body overseeing Smart Home Installation companies, and all members are fully insured, certificated and vetted. Consequently Briant Communications are happy to fully guarantee all the work installing connected devices in your home, office, bar or hotel.

Briant Communications is a specialist in smart home security systems. We install a number of CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, Smart door and window sensors and smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and flood detectors for homes and businesses throughout the south of England.

Smart Security Systems Makes A House A Home

Security is such a key issue for many people, especially in Worthing. It’s important to feel secure in your own home if you’re to relax and enjoy it properly. Smart Home Security systems allow you to synchronise all of your alarms, detectors and cameras, meaning that you can see, hear, and talk to people in your house, from the neighbour’s kids kicking their ball into your garden, deliveries arriving while you’re out, right through to vandals and potential burglars. What could be better than telling them to clear off because the police are on their way while catching them on camera at the same time.

Allied to Smart Security Systems are door videos, access controls and intercoms. These smart devices attach to your front door or entrance way and let you see and speak to whoever’s coming to visit. But because it’s smart technology you don’t have to get to the intercom to see who it is, you don’t even have to be in the house, or even in the same country! So long as you have wifi or mobile data signal you can see who’s at your door, even before they ring the bell, you can let them in, tell them you’re on your way, or ask them to come back another time all from your phone or smart home system via voice control.

If you live in Worthing and you’ve been interested in creating a Smart Home environment in your property, adding connected devices and wireless technology to a project, or simply understanding what the connected home can do for you or your business then get in touch. Briant Communications offer a free, no obligation survey and estimate package where we can discuss what you would like to do with Home Automation and we tell you how we can make that idea become reality.

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