The Smart Way To Travel, Whether That’s To The Park Or Much Farther Afield

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What You Need To Know About The Latest Gadgets For Travellers, Whether That’s To The Other Side Of The World Or The End Of The Street. Smart home devices are a brilliant way to increase the functionality, efficiency of your home, including home security, but what about when you’re on the move? How can Smart Tech help you then?

Smart locks and access control, synchronised with your phone can lock the house firmly every time you go out. Using Bluetooth or GPS as soon as your Smart home network detects that you’ve left the house it can lock the doors, turn on motion detectors and set the alarms. If anyone comes to your home while you’re out you will then get a Push notification, open it and you can see, and talk directly to your visitor, letting them know when you’ll be home, where they should deliver the package, or tell them you’re not interested in their latest Get Rich Quick scheme.

If you’re going out for a run you may not want to take your phone with you, so why not take a Smart watch fitness monitor instead? You can still call, text, use the geofence which will activate and deactivate your home security while monitoring your pulse, heart rate, distance run and times.

The point about Smart devices is getting the most out of each device, making each item more useful and consequently indispensable.

So you might like to get a Smart dog collar or tag. If you’re making your home Smart then this isn’t as redundant as it might at first appear. GPS will tell you where your pet is if it’s the type who’s inclined to run away, and if you’re the type who forgets your keys then you can have the collar synched to your access control too. When you come home with the dog you’ll find your doors unlock by themselves.

Just like a Fitbit, or other fitness monitors, you can use your dog’s collar to measure how far you’ve walked it, making it easier to ensure that it’s getting enough exercise when you’re taking it out.

Smart glasses have moved along a long way from the glasses Google produced several years ago. Google’s glasses were considered to be literal “spy wear” as they could record film and sound without it being immediately obvious to the subjects that they were on camera. Move on to today and there are a range of different Smart glasses on the market which do make it possible to record what the wearer sees and hears, but offer so much more.

See The Sights You Want To

They are Alexa and Google Assist enabled, making it possible to control your Smart Home System while wearing them. You can call and use voice to text send and receive email and SMS, search online and even watch movies while you’re on the move. You can even have your prescription made up to fit them, making them indispensable for any regular glasses wearer who likes to stay connected.

If you’re a city dweller and you like to listen to music while you get out of the house then noise cancelling headphones are a must. Earbuds are an obvious choice if you want to block out noise while listening to music or podcasts but they aren’t problem-free.

Lately you won’t have missed the advent of the wireless earbud, but if you’re anything like me you’ll see an immediate and obvious problem with them. If you don’t forget to keep them charged then you’re likely to lose them when you’re on the move, when you take them out to talk to someone, or just put them in a pocket when you stop listening. Over the ear noise cancelling headphones are conspicuous but these days they are lightweight, durable, won’t get lost as soon as you take them off, keep your ears warm on a cold day and won’t give you an ear infection or allergic reaction.

Hear The Sounds You Want To

If you’re a runner, an inveterate traveller or someone who just likes to have a bit of quiet in an otherwise noisy environment cabled headphones are just the job. Noise cancellation doesn’t work for all sounds, so voices and sudden noise can still be heard through the casing, but the drone of traffic, an engine or constant hum which irritates you in the office or hotel room (such as air con or a fridge) are all soon defeated.

On the subject of travelling and hotels, your luggage can be made Smart now too. It’s no big deal to see suitcases with charging stations and media centres built in, but GPS, Bluetooth and other Smart technology being incorporated into luggage is brilliant for keeping track of what’s happening to your stuff. If it gets lost you can use GPS to find it again, if it gets taken from your side while you’re out and about then Bluetooth will tell you if it travels more than a few metres away, alerting you to the theft. When that tracking technology is built in it’s discreet and hard to remove, so any thief won’t be able to simply snip off the tags and get away.

If you are going away and you’re concerned about your home security, contact Briant Communications. We now provide a range of CCTV security cameras, burglar alarms and door control devices which run on Smart technology and can be monitored and controlled from anywhere you have a phone connection or 4G for your tablet, Smart watch or Smart Glasses.

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