We Go Where Other Sky TV Engineers Cannot

Thanks to the popularity of the programmes available, and sports and film choices, Sky satellite TV is currently the largest Pay-For-TV platform in the UK. Sky TV goes out to over 9 million customers every day, and is often a customer's only subscription TV option. Sky is brilliant while everything is working, but satellite TV dishes can become misaligned, damaged or loosened, and when they do, Briant Communications are there to rush into action! So should anything happen to your receiver, the cabling, the decoder box, or your signal breaks down for any reason which it is impossible to fix yourself, give us a call.

We have skilled, experienced engineers on hand to offer same day service, and a friendly, welcoming voice on the phone. Why spend hours on hold to an expensive call centre number, when your local Sky specialist can help you in your hour of need?

Whether the gales and storms which are so prevalent in the South have moved your Sky satellite TV dish, meaning it needs re-aligning, your box is stuck in standby, or you are having network issues and the second Sky box in the bedroom is not working, our engineers can diagnose and repair nearly all issues with one visit. Our rapid, efficient service ensures your favourite channels and programmes are back up and running as quickly as possible.

Briant Communications Swing Into Action When Other Sky TV Engineers Can't

Another feather in our cap is our ability to go where other Sky TV dish installation engineers cannot! Our overhead working trained engineers can surmount many of the obstacles which see Sky TV installations cancelled. Our team can fit satellite dishes where other companies cant, including chimney dish installations, pitched roofs, difficult cabling over roofs. We even abseil in to ensure your cabling is neat and tidy, and complies with conservation and planning constraints.

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The best aspect of Briant Communications is that we can do more than just install and repair common satellite TV systems. We can install, repair, and maintain your Sky TV dish for residential, business and communal properties. Our engineers carry all the equipment they could possibly need in their vehicles, meaning that they can usually complete a job in a single visit, meaning your satelite TV installation is carried out quickly, efficiently and at a price which beats any of our serious competitors.

When assessing a job and delivering a quote we offer three options:

  • An engineer can come to your home, assess the work required and let you know how much it will cost, you don't even need to be home
  • An engineer can come and assess the job while you're home, and if you're happy, you can have the work carried out there and then
  • An engineer visits, gives you a quote, and gives you time to think, gather quotes from other installation companies, and make an informed decision to let us carry out the work

If you also happen to have problems with aerials, we can even get them repaired or replaced on the same day, so you don’t need to call around for multiple service providers to get everything running smoothly.

At Briant Communications, we understand the value of consistency, reliability, and trust. That's why our engineers are always available to provide you with honest answers and fast, permanent solutions.

Whether you need new installation or simply need to fix an old problem, give us a call on 01273 465377 and we will be more than happy to help you get you moving in the right direction!

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