What Are The Pros & Cons Of Professional Vs DIY Home Security Systems?

home security, security, business security, DIY, burglar alarm, intruder alarmRecent surveys have revealed that in up to 28% of broadband users have an active internet based security system, 24% also take advantage of a monitoring service. Most of these people are homeowners with children. And many of these people have chosen to go down the DIY path when it comes to installation.

The message put out by the manufacturers including Ring, Hive, Nest, et cetera is being picked up the consumer as a further 52% report as being “highly likely” to purchase a security system of their own, and install it themselves.

So what are the pros and cons of DIY burglar alarm and security system installations versus a professional installation service?

The first consideration is naturally the cost. Buying a system that you can take straight out of the box and put up yourself is clearly going to be cheaper than buying a system and then paying a professional to mount it for you.

Then there is the convenience. If you’re a DIYer and you have the skills and tools required you can buy a home security system, get it home, wire it in and have it up and running in an afternoon. You don’t have to make an appointment for someone to come and see your property, recommend a system, order it, and then come back and install the product.

What Are The Advantages?

When you book a consultation they will usually be free and without obligation. This means that the installer can make an assessment of what your property needs to be fully covered, they can see which of the current alarm systems available on the market are best suited for your needs and advise accordingly. They can plan where the best places to install the security devices would be and once the specified system is delivered, install it as promptly as possible.

The work they carry out is guaranteed and they’re fully insured while they carry out the work, so if anything is damaged or broken by the installers, either the equipment they are supplying or your own valuable possessions, you’ll receive recompense.

Getting professionals to install your security equipment is more costly, but it will pay for itself when you balance it against your insurance premiums. Installing burglar alarms, CCTV cameras and sensors where they are visible is a proven deterrent to burglars, surveys among reformed housebreakers tell us they are most likely to walk past a house with a security camera or alarm in preference to a house with less obvious security measures in place instead.

And The Disadvantages?

In many cases self-installation fitting can take four hours or more and homeowners are likely to become annoyed at the amount of time it takes, not having realised how long it was going to take or how frustrating correctly and securely fitting the system is. The result is that the system is incorrectly or insecurely installed or the homeowner ends up calling a professional installer or odd-job-man to come and complete the job anyway.

So the DIY market is helping the installers and the DIYers at the same time. The availability and price means that DIYers know what’s available, the latest developments in technology and software, and the reduced cost as home security systems become part of everyone’s shopping basket. Knowing how cheap the kits are means that the prices installers are able to charge is limited, and professional installation always appears expensive, but once the realities of installing an effective security system are brought home, the advantage of calling a professional is clear. Like so many of these things, like plumbing, car maintenance and decorating, you could do it yourself, but do you really want to when you could just pay a professional to do it for you?

Bespoke Doesn’t Always Mean More Expensive

The variety of items which homeowners have available to them differs greatly when dealing with a professional installer over an off the shelf solution too. Bespoke doesn’t always mean more expensive. If you want an alarm system, door and window sensors and a number of cameras for indoors and out that could mean buying several different outfits, all of which will need to be made to work in conjunction with one-another. Professional installers aren’t limited to the packages they can get at the local hardware store and can put together a package bespoke for you. If they have to find devices made by different manufacturers they have the responsibility of ensuring they will work together and install them full working for you.

Another thing we frequently see with home installation kits is intention but no follow through. People buy a home burglar alarm system but then it isn’t convenient to install right away, it gets put in a cupboard until there is a better time, which of course never arrives. With an appointment with a professional installer the outcome is ensured as soon as you make the first call to arrange an appointment for a consultation. They come at the arranged time, assess your requirement, and advise you accordingly. If you’re happy with what they recommend they will arrange a suitable time to install it all for you.

As many as 45% of people who’ve expressed interest in home security equipment have told the retailers that they would have been interested in having someone install the devices installed for them. Expert installation not only means that the homeowner doesn’t have to carry out the DIY but they are assured a professional, robust fit and finish, and they’re certain it works properly. Another factor which people like from a professional installation is dealing with a person skilled and qualified in the work they are carrying out. Coming across a mediocre product which isn’t as good as it appears in advertising and poor customer services gives people a dim impression of the company they have been dealing with and the industry as a whole.

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