Persistent Myths About Broadband Busted

broadband deal, better broadband, no contract, no line rentalSwitching broadband ISPs used to be difficult, but now, with many more suppliers on the market, it’s time to put those myths to sleep

The problem with myths is that they become received wisdom which, once established, can be hard to debunk, refute or explode. Not only are many of them wrong, in the ISP industry they can cost you, our customers money, and leave you on a broadband package which doesn’t serve your needs.

Switching from one supplier to another isn’t the painful process it used to be, especially if you’re out of the minimum term of your contract, and doing so can save you money, especially if you’ve been on the same plan for a long time.

Fibre Broadband is All The Same

Fibre broadband isn’t all the same. Fibre to the Cabinet or Curb, also known as FTTC, is indeed faster than the old copper phone lines which broadband internet was being supplied until quite recently, but it still relies on a copper wire element to get from the cabinet or ‘curb’ into your home. This final transfer of technology means that you can receive the internet on your old router, but it also means that there is a considerable slowdown in the speeds you can achieve in your home.

On the other hand Fibre to the Property or Premises (FTTP) means that there’s full fibre connection from the local exchange right through to your router and out through the wifi or ethernet cable which was designed to handle superfast data, unlike phone lines. That means much more speed, up to 900 Mbps reliably hard-wired into your house. You can’t use your old modem/router though, as they are not compatible, and can’t approach the speed and signal quality a new fibre router needs to be able to deliver.

There’s No Real Benefit To Be Had From Ultrafast Data

People seem to think that once you reach a certain speed anything faster is just an added expense for which you’re not going to notice any difference, what’s faster than instant, right? But that’s not strictly the case. Sure, slower packages are fine for streaming movies, downloading tunes and Zooming with family or work, but higher speeds mean greater capacity and volumes of traffic moving along your fibre at any one time. What that means is that if you add more devices, computers, mobile phones, smart devices, smart TVs, along with other new technologies which rely on data to work properly, they will all be able to serve their functions efficiently, seamlessly and invisibly.

Switching Broadband Providers Is A Problem

As mentioned above, switching providers used to be hard to do, especially if you were mid-contract and found a better deal elsewhere. While switching within your contract will come with early termination penalties (look to see what your broadband speed is before switching early. If they’re nothing like what you were sold or is promised in your contract you should be able to use this to your advantage and get out early without fees), if your contract has expired and you’re just rolling over month after month then all you need do is find a package which suits you better, and sign up!

Your Internet Will Be Lost For Days While They Switch Over

This is very unlikely. Your new provider wants the switchover to be as smooth and painless as possible, so they’ll find out when your current service is due to end and ensure that you’re fully set up before then. Then, when your old service is switched off you’ll find that your new service is ready and waiting for you.

The Length Of A New Contract Is Too Long And Restrictive

Broadband contracts are too long, and come with caveats which allow the provider to put prices up without always allowing you the option to leave if you can’t afford those increases. Briant Broadband doesn’t though. There is no contract to sign, no credit checks, or admin fees for changing plans. So if you decide that you’re not getting the speed you need to feed a data hungry household you can simply switch to a faster plan by calling us on 01903 221 999. Or if your kids move out and you don’t need anything like the data you did before, it’s the same number to switch to a more economical plan, again, without admin fees. For those with holiday homes we can even pause the broadband altogether if you’re going to be away for 30 days or more, meaning you’re not paying for something you’re not using.

Finding A Better Broadband Deal Is Too Hard

It can be time consuming and confusing to trawl through all the different offers and compare this package to that, looking at contract terms and short term deals which prove a false economy when they expire, but doing so can save you a great deal of money, especially if you, like most people, stick with one supplier for years before finally looking out for the next.

Briant Broadband doesn’t work like that. As well as no admin fees, we don’t have hidden extras, line rental, or penalties for leaving early. We have among the best prices on the market today, and if you do find cheaper, check the terms of their contract, a short-term saving now could cost you dear in future.

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