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Why Lockdown Is The Perfect Time To Tackle Home Security

home securitySomething which has come out of the repeated lockdowns and tiers being introduced has been an overall fall in the rate of crime. With people being unable to leave their homes then the opportunity for burglars to break in has been almost eliminated, and any criminals who are out on the streets stand out like a sore thumb since everybody else is shielding themselves indoors.

So what should we expect to see when the all clear is sounded and we an return to life as normal? Will we see a jump in crime as thieves are released from self imposed imprisonment en masse? Or will we notice little change as people have learned to cope with privation, lack of stimulation and an overall sense of ‘looking out for one another’ has replaced the urge for instant gratification?

We would certainly hope that it’s the latter, but experience tells us it will be the former. The Covid denialism, lockdown scepticism, and refusal on the part of a significant and vocal minority of people to wear masks in public, and to demonstrate for those beliefs in large crowds on the streets of cities all over the country shows that there are many people who can’t or won’t take the opportunity to see things from the point of view of others.

Home Security Against The Hardened Criminal

Likewise there will be a subset of people who have no concern for the privacy, security or property of other people, and as soon as they are able they will be back out roaming the streets looking for opportunities to benefit from the return to normality that we’re all so desperately looking forward too. Whether their motivation is simply the thrill, the need for stimulation, the need for money, or the basic desire for things they haven’t currently got, for some the urge to take what doesn’t belong to them will be so great that it will be irresistible when that day finally comes.

It would be so easy to become complacent. Everyone’s at home all day so there’s no need to be concerned about home security. If nobody’s going out then the chances of being broken into are negligible, right?

While that’s certainly true, this is the prefect opportunity to take precautions and invest in home security for the future. In fact having everyone at home makes the current situation the perfect time for home security system installation. With everybody at home all the time you can really get to understand how each member of the family uses the home and take measures to mitigate. Effectively every day is weeks or months in microcosm when we’re all stuck inside. We can see our habits, high traffic areas and dead spaces where nobody normally goes. We can see who nips out for a crafty cigarette before bed, who leaves windows open, and who doesn’t properly secure the gate when they take the dog for a walk.

You’ve Every Right To Protect Your Lifestyle

As far as security is concerned, these are all awfully bad habits as they signal to a potential burglar when you’re least secure, but they’re also habits you should feel totally entitled to have. That’s why home security is so important. It’s not about locking yourself away or being observed all the time, it’s about being able to go about your business the way you choose to without having to feel anxious that something you did or didn’t do has led to someone being able to get into your home.

If there’s a secret smoker in your house it’s easy to install the right locks so the door is securely shut when they come in, no matter how sleepy they are or how quietly they try to shut the door when they come inside. If there’s someone obsessed with fresh air who’s always leaving the windows open then insure that the windows and doors are covered by security cameras which are clearly visible from the outside. An open window might be an invitation to a burglar, but a camera right next to it is all the deterrent they need. And if the dog walker always leaves the gate open when they go out cameras and lights which cover the perimeter of the property tell unwanted guests that they’re not welcome, while also providing a welcome to those who are legitimate visitors.

Briant Communications Are Here To Help Whenever You Need Us

Briant Communications are still able to install many of our smart home security technologies. All of our engineers have been briefed in the latest anti-Covid precautions and, when undertaking any work, will do all they can to ensure that your safety is the top priority.

We generally start by offering a free, no obligation survey where we look at your needs and budget to design a Smart Home Security package which is perfect for your home or business. Call us on 01273 465377 or email to book an appointment.

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