Out With The Old And In With The New

new flat screen television setDid Santa bring you everything you asked for?

If you were on the Good list you’ll have lots of sparkling new gadgets and durables ready to set up and start enjoying straight away. But there’s one drawback. All that new kit needs to find itself a new home, and if it’s replacing superannuated old stuff you’ll be wanting to get rid to make room.

Sending it straight to landfill would be a disgrace. If it still works there’s no need to burden the planet with it and it would be a shame to scrap something which could still bring happiness to others so what’s the best way of disposing of all your old items without environmental impact, and possibly making back a few pounds on the deal as well?

Space Is A Commodity Everyone Would Pay A Premium For

If getting money back for your old electronics isn’t a priority you could just dump it on the street. This isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds! If you live in a town or city leaving goods outside with a note saying “I work! Please give me a new home” lets anyone passing know that they’re welcome to it.

The next step up from simply leaving it by the front gate is to advertise it on Freegle. Freegle lets you post your unwanted items for others to come and collect from your home so if it’s something large, heavy, or you live up stairs and can’t carry it down yourself, you can let whoever wants it know so they can collect it. Freegle is locality based making it a handy way to benefit your local community.

There’s No Need To Pay If You Just Want Someone To Take It Away

Another location based way of selling is Gumtree. But this time you can sell for hard currency. If your goods are worth selling but they’re too big or heavy to send in the mail then Gumtree is the perfect answer as you can advertise for free and again, people can pop by, pay up, and collect them in person. Ads only run for a limited time so if it doesn’t sell right away you may need to list it again.

Most busy high streets have a pawn shop or electronics based equivalent, such as CEX and Cash Converters. They offer instant cash for your goods but, as they’re in business for a profit you won’t get the best return as opposed to other methods of selling your old tech on.

If you’re feeling charitable, why not give it to charity? You can drop your goods off yourself or arrange for someone to come along and collect your unwanted stuff. Alright you won’t get to see any of the money those in need will, and you get to have your items taken away for free.

Sell Your Stuff To The Highest Bidder

If you want to sell and need to get the most return for your items then eBay and Amazon are going to be your preferred ports of call. If you’re selling via an auction don’t forget to set a reasonable reserve price, a price below which you’re not prepared to sell and make sure that both you and the buyer know who’s going to be footing the bill for postage. Novices to online auction sites often bemoan the fact that they kept the reserve low to encourage bidders, but ended up actually losing money because buyers met the reserve but not what the vendor actually thought the goods were worth. After adding the fees, postage, et cetera there was little or nothing left over from the sale for them. For a great insight into how to become a superstar eBay seller Money Saving Expert offers some top tips.

Facebook Selling Pages and the Facebook Marketplace are increasing in popularity with buyers and sellers too. You can post a photo of your item(s) along with a description and the price you’re looking for. People can then message you to arrange a deal re: price, collection, delivery, postage and so forth. While being a handy way to sell, the feedback seems to be that Facebook lets the buyer know who the seller is and provides the facility to message the seller to strike a bargain isn’t perfect as many adverts you’ll see scream in block capitals “NO TIME WASTERS” “WILL NOT SPLIT” and other variations evidencing that dealing with the general public in real time is incredibly frustrating.


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