Our Worthing Based Engineers Are Among Our Best Assets

local broadband, fast broadband, Worthing broadbandBriant Broadband prides itself on being a Worthing based company who offer excellent, friendly, expert customer service.

Being local we like to think that we know our customers, their needs, and the unique service issues living on the South Downs brings. As expert installers with years of experience between us, we know that we can surmount most of these issues and deliver the kind of service that any paying customer has the right to expect and demand.

Being Worthing based gives us unique insight into the way we can best serve our customers. When you call us you’re not talking to someone on a call centre thousands of miles away, you’re speaking to a neighbour who know your area. If you’re looking for a wireless connection we know which buildings might get in the way of your signal while if you’re waiting for a fibre connection we know which areas are being connected at present, which are already connected, and which will be getting connected in the coming months. That kind of local knowledge can’t be emulated by someone who isn’t even sure where Worthing is!

Being local means we’re responsive too. If you’ve been shopping around for a new broadband deal recently you’ll have seen that connection can take up to two weeks while pre-orders can be anything up to three months depending on the service you want. Briant Broadband promise to get you connected with 48 hours or we’ll give you a month’s internet free. It’s being local which makes that possible; we just need to grab a router or wireless receiver from stock and we can come over and install it for you right away. No sending out routers by post or courier for us!

Local Service Tailored To Suit People On The South Downs

Our local service makes us responsive to people’s unique needs too, especially if you live in one of the many small towns and villages dotted around the South Downs. We know that many of you won’t ever have received the best broadband, and it will still be some time before the national fibre roll out reaches you. That’s why we’re offering a special wireless service which aren’t going to get Full Fibre for months.

Our plans: up to 100 Mbps for £22, or up to 200 Mbps for £40 mean that you can get Superfast wireless broadband at speeds far beyond what you may have received via the phone line in the past. Once Full Fibre reaches your street we’ll be happy to connect you to even faster speeds, or, if you’re happy with your wireless we’ll leave it at that.

And if you like what we do once you’re connected, why not tell your friends and neighbours? Our recommend a friend programme means that not only will the person you introduce to us gets a month’s free broadband data, but you do too! There are no limits to the number of friends you can bring to us, so if you have 12 friends who join Briant Broadband, you’ll end up getting broadband free for a year!

If you’re interested in receiving the services of your local broadband internet service provider it’s easy to get in touch. Just visit our website, send an email to info@briantbroadband.com or talk to us on 01903 221999

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