Other TV Systems

There are a wide range of different TV Systems all providing a slightly varied TV service. We recognise that sometimes you may require a simple and cost effective Communal TV System for your building or clients so we take all your needs and requirements and provide you with recommendations for the most appropriate TV System.

We can provide:

Fibre Optic TV Systems
Sky TV
SDS (Shared Dish Systems)
DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television)

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Types of TV Systems

IRS TV System

SDS Systems (Shared Dish Satellite)- This is a TV system for Satellite only, offering connected residents the ability to view Sky TV or Freesat. Our company policy is that we will only ever install a minimum of two satellite feeds to each property to ensure full recording features on Sky and Freesat receivers. Although the particular resident at the time may not want a PVR satellite receiver, a future occupier of the property may, so we ensure that we always future-proof as far as possible with all installations that we complete.

DTT Aerial Systems (Digital Terrestrial Television) – This is the conventional way of receiving digital TV (Freeview) in existing communal blocks. It is, in short a TV system with the required amplification and distribution equipment that serves multiple properties from one centralised Digital TV Aerial. We can design and install a DTT System to suit your needs, whether it is to have one main TV point or multiple TV outlets in bedrooms, kitchens or any other rooms.