News For Nest Environmental Control Customers

Touch sensitive digital heating control panel mounted on a light coloured wall.Briant Communications have been installing Nest domestic environmental controls for a number of homes in the southeast since they first landed in the UK. Recently they have been going through some changes and that has had an impact on the way their devices can be used and operated.

Google owns the Nest brand and as such has taken the decision to incorporate the Nest controls and Google Home controls into one Google Nest. This rebranding and control overhaul will also be reflected in the Google Home Hub becoming the Nest Hub, which will be followed by the Google Nest Hub Max at some point in the future.

The only problem is that users don’t get to simply update the app or download a piece of software to complete the update. Instead you’ll need to manually switch from Nest to a Google account.

What Are The Benefits For Nest Environmental Control Users?

By migrating to Google Nest users will benefit from many of the security and utility that is commonly associated with Google, which would include notifications when unusual log-ins are made and two step security verification when adding new devices or changing settings on items which are already synched to the Smart Home System. Once migrated Nest users will also only need a single account to access the Google Nest and Google Nest Hub Max.

This migration also makes Google Nest and Google Home work together more efficiently, so, for example you can use your TV to watch your Nest Cam CCTV via Chromecast simply by saying “Ok Google, show front door CCTV”.

Nest will be mailing customers to inform them of the changes and asking if they’d like to migrate, or you can follow these instructions to change to Google Nest now.

If you don’t already have one, create a Google account for Google Home using the app

Open up your Nest app and ensure that it’s updated to the latest version

Tap the cog in the top right of the screen

Tap ‘Account’

Tap ‘Migrate to Google Account’

Sign in with your Google account

But Before You Do That

Once you confirm your switch to Google Nest you won’t be able to switch back again, so reconcile yourself to the fact that you’re going to lose your old Nest before you begin. This means if you’re currently running any devices which were sold as ‘Works with Nest’ they will be disabled if you try to migrate them to a different app. Unfortunately, if those devices are disabled there is no way of recovering them even after they could be supported if you were synching them anew. Consequently, Google recommend holding fire on migration in such cases until you receive an email from them notifying you that third party technology will be supported by Google Nest or Google Nest Hub Max. Google say they are currently in negotiations with those devices’ manufacturers and partners to develop ways of integrating through Assistant Routines and will be updating users when they are ready to migrate. In these instances consumers should keep their Nest accounts as is.

What About Alexa Integration?

Nest environmental control devices will continue to work with Alexa after you switch over to your Google Account as there is an updated Amazon Alexa Skill which will work with Google. You just need to ensure that you’ve updated and activated the Skill within your Amazon account to enable integration with Nest/Google Nest devices.

Moving forward, Nest branded products you buy today should be connected to Google Nest to save the complication of having to reconfigure them at a later date.

You will be able to keep your old Nest account if that’s what you want, and you’ll still get security updates and keep all your current usability, you just won’t get all the fancy upgrades and improvements that you would if you’d moved your Nest controls to your Google Nest account. If you use Works With Nest third party products you won’t be able to add them to your Nest account after august 31, and you won’t be able to create any new Nest accounts either, only Google Nest.

Don’t worry if you are using Works With Nest currently, they won’t stop working. Nest is going to keep on going until all the protocols that they use are incorporated into the Google Nest platform and will presumably keep working on Nest until they need replacing due to age or wear.

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